Papa John’s

Would be ironic if we drew Spurs under 23s
Plus we’ve an early meeting with Liam Roberts

Still wish they wouldn’t allow under 21 teams in. I’ll never watch a Single game of it. Even if we got to Wembley.


Well it isn’t something that we have had to worry about for the last few years until now :wink:

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Was hoping this was a thread about a discount code for the Walsall store, really fancy a pizza one night this weekend but it’s just about this daft competition instead. Ah well. Away I go.

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Don’t try and place your shots lads…. no need for this match.

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Message me, I have a few codes usually

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How ironic that we play against Liam in the only games he’ll get a start the cup games.

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Brighton U21’s in Papa John’s Trophy

Cambridge away in the second round, just in case anybody is interested…

FGR got Chelsea U21s…

Bit surreal in the Stadium Suite before the game.

They’d had the Fail vs Bradford game on the big screen and it was still on as Wayne Thomas was in the middle of interviewing Chris Marsh in front of it (had already talked to Darren Bradley and Adi Viveash), so everyone was more intent on the draw going on behind them than what they were saying. :joy:

Cambridge beating the cobblers 2-0

Tickets are £12 for this game - bit of a step up from the £5 for all our 1st round matches.

I’m not sure I’d even go to the final if it was £12 never mind Cambridge away if it was free I’m not sure I’d go to the final to be honest. All the boycotting seems to have died down now tho to be honest our last attendance 1700 whatever it was is what it would be anyway. Most fans were praising the attendance I don’t think those people really understand I’d have praised it if it was 0 . We could have Walsall Vs Aston villa u23 at Wembley some people might like that .


Under 18’s is £1.00
concessions £8.00
I’ll be going as its only 20 mins from where I live :grinning:

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Still not announced when tickets will be on sale - and only our only home game between now and then to pick them up is less than 2 days away!

Tuesday 30th November at 7pm…

Could Neil Fergusson have actually been right about scrapie-BSE-CJD??
Nah, just a bit of “long covid”.



The home tickets are already on sale on the Cambridge website.
Interesting they have only opened one stand for the game (for the home fans).
No idea where they’re going to put us.


Agree, it’s a shame the academy teams participation has become normal and accepted now it seems. I didn’t miss a single home game in it before they were introduced and haven’t been to a single one since. I miss the competition as it was. I hope we never play Villa U23s in it at all, let alone the final. What an insult it is to have to play them in a “first team” fixture and have them (and other academies) qualifying for the next round ahead of the clubs who the competition is meant to be for.