Pasty XI

Let’s make an XI out of our palest players. I’ll also accept anyone Cornish :joy:

Neil Emblen
Keith Andrew
Simon Osborn
Matt Gadsby

Reece Flanagan
Steve Staunton

Bjarni Larusson
Siggi Eyjolfsson

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Ian Brightwell
Richard McKinney (GK)
Joe Broad

Dean Smith

Ivor Dewdney
Oggy Oggy
And Malcolm Barneycutt in Bodmin
I hate this dyslexia :joy: :wink:

I didn’t know you had blind wordness.

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UTS hitting new heights here. Im paler than any of these players :rofl:

Rory Gaffney. Pale and useless.

Mads Timm

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Unless you’ve been bleaching your skin, I disagree.

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No bleach, i just have no skin pigment. I suffer from vitiligo, so at least i have an excuse.

Im still a better footballer than Gaffney.

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I agree.

Paul Mcshane.

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Andrew Cook

How is Keates not in this yet?:joy:

Scott Ollerenshaw.

Pasty players?

Hayden “Chalkie” White
Julian “50 Shades of” Gray

But definitely not Kofi Darkinah

Richard Knight
Scott Ollerenshaw
Graham Fenton
Ashley Grimes

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