Paul Hurst?

Had a career win rate of over 50% in football management before joining Ipswich, would we have him here even though he managed that team in Wales?

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Yes I Would

yes obvious choice for me.

Would throw Tim Flowers in the mix, doing an amazing job at Solihull and been an assistant at some league clubs so plenty of experience.

Guess that would be too much of a Keates-esque move for some, another out of non league.


Can we afford to sack Keates and his numerous backroom staff given the fact we are still paying Jon Whitney’s contract up? We would then have to find quite a bit to employ Hurst or Flowers.

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I can’t see any manager that has previously accomplished anything at this level coming here. Why would they? They know the constraints. You’re up against it from the get go. All we can do is cross our fingers and hope for a miracle to get another Smith, let alone a Graydon.

I can’t see Flowers requesting big wages coming from lower down the pyramid, having an England capped goalkeeper for advice may also give Roberts the boost he needs!

Hurst is a sensible choice but it won’t happen as then the rent payment might come under pressure and we can’t do that can we?
All this is fuel to the fire for WSC and it’s ambitions including the big one of Regime Change.

Good manager but he wouldnt come to us.

Was just thinking John Ward was at Bristol Rovers and worked with Darrell Clarke.

He took over when they slid into non league and got them two successive promotions and then established them in mid table in league one.

Things didn’t work out this season but that was just a case of taking things as far as he could given they can never get permission for a new ground which holds them back from competiting.

He’d be an option if the board asked Ward for a recommendation.

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