Paul Jenkins - New Walsall E&S Reporter

Welcome Paul! Looking forward to following your coverage! UTS

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welcome paul great that you joined UTS and welcome.
will give you the benefit of doubt because you are new on your OTT match ratings for saturdays game.
we played decent but all 8s and 9s not so sure.

Obvious question here is. What questions were rebuffed?

“Would it be possible to have a pie that isn’t burnt?”


So, Paul, how does it feel to get this deal over the line?


Got to say fair play for signing up and joining in Paul :clap:

I know your access to the manager/players is limited and no doubt you’ll have your questions you’ll want answered, but how about a regular “question from the fans”? I’m sure there’ll be no shortage of offerings from these pages! Wouldnt have to be a specific individual’s question, could be your take on what is the prevailing issue being discussed at any given time.


… and the odder the better !!

Welcome Paul!
Good luck in your new position.

Best of luck paul

Fans or posts?

All the best Paul . any chance you could find out what’s happening with Sam Perry now. TIA

Welcome to the UTS board, Paul.
As you’ve probably already discovered, we’re a very eclectic group on here, never afraid to offer an opinion or two, but one thing we all share in common is our love for this football club.
Getting to know the fans (via this platform) and what makes them tick is a good way to start your new assignment.
I wish you well.

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Also Paul, if you are thinking of writing any pun headlines, this is the place for inspiration.


We await your replacement then :joy:

Seriously though welcome Jenco :wink:

Doing a podcast is on the agenda - Nathan Judah who sorts them out is away for a few weeks but wlll speak to him when he is back.


I asked the manager about transfer targets or policy for January. He wouldn’t say specifically, just that he talks with the owners and chairman on it regularly.


If you do want me to ask the manager a question by way of the fans then yes I can cerainly do that or consider it.


Well surely the reason he doesn’t do one for Walsall is that we are not worth the time and effort of doing one. I don’t think it’s a case of him not being asked to do one.

Joe Edwards and Joe Masi are very hard acts to follow and we of course don’t know how much time you have to concentrate on the Saddlers and if you are paid on an equivalent basis to do that job effectively.
We all are grateful that E&S provide coverage of our Club and our thanks to Nathan Judah on that.
As we all know the Birmingham based newspaper couldn’t care less about us.
As others have already said, we expect to see some additional comment during and after a game that informs us as otherwise it is not worth following.

That goes against club policy :smile: :wink: