Paul Jenkins - New Walsall E&S Reporter

Can you ask about perry please?
Any update on plans for our loaned about players eg kiernan and menayese?
Also what happened to the promised quarterly fans forum? X


Will ask. Perry seems to have disappeared from the Yeovil squad listing on the official website.

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Can you ask who’s bright idea was it to have a religious conference and concert on a Saturday at 5pm in the middle of a football season, what would of happened if we had drawn Portsmouth, Ipswich or Sheff Wed with their support


I am sure it was reported somewhere that the loan had been terminated . Perhaps you could look into that .

Will do.

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Do you want the job?


Couldn’t make the game today so appreciated the frequent updates on Twitter. Cheers Paul and UPTHESADDLERS!!!

Thank you I hope they were better I am getting used to the manic nature of tweeting, updating the ‘on the whistle’ match report and everything else around it. Today was challenging in the final parts of the game but I enjoyed it and a great result.


(post deleted by author)

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Just to let you know I won’t be at the Salford or Crewe games reporting. No I haven’t been sacked - yet , but I am on annual leave. Two good journos, Liam Keen and Matt Maher are deputising, though I hope they can keep up my record of four wins and one draw since I started.
Back at Swindon so hope to see you all there and have a good one.


Enjoy your break you have definitely been fortunate with the results and games you have witnessed , some horrid games earlier on in the season perhaps you are our lucky charm!

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Of course you do realise if we lose now it will be all your fault😁