Pay on the Day for FGR

It is bloody marvellous to see and hear about the buzz down Bescot this last week or so and the atmosphere at Northampton was ace on Saturday.

One of our (many) bugbears in recent seasons has been the walk up experience on matchday.

Saturday has potential carnage written all over it. People taking advantage of Early Bird, people getting refunds on non-early bird, people getting their free Crawley ticket, people getting Crewe tickets and the new buzz creating a bigger than usual walk up.

The last thing we want is for potentially returning fans to have a bad day because they stood on the car park for 45 minutes in the rain and missed kick-off. So we need clear communication of the existence of a cash turnstile. Ideally we would have alternative cash turnstiles - blocks F, G and H in the family stand or better still, FGR fans being given those blocks with cash turnstiles for our fans in the away end.

We’re getting a bounce just now. We’ve had a load of bounces over the last 30 years and have failed to capitalise on any of them. I absolutely trust Leigh Pomlett won’t let this one slip by, the late early bird offer is testament to this. I really hope that we’re not victims of our own success on Saturday and that our walk up attendance have an easy time getting into the ground.


This is a great point. Have you thought about flagging this to the club for consideration?

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This is very important. Maybe an email to Stefan and Dan in the morning to give them a nudge.

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Can early birders from March walk up on Tuesday or do we have to get a ticket? Would have thought presentation of a ST voucher at the gate would suffice?

You have to contact the ticket office before 3.00 pm on Saturday to get the free ticket.

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Good post mate.

spot on a club of our size should make it simple to turn up on the day pay cash and walk in the ground without ■■■■■■■ around or without any extra charge.

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Exactly this, especially for low attending followings.

The Forecast has now improved for Saturday, so hopefully that helps a little.

For those fans that now consider physical cash to be illegal tender would a contactless payment system on the gate be a possibity? Nice and easy, flash the debit card and in you go.


As most of our turnstiles are still steam driven, I doubt such an advanced option would become available in the near future!


Not sure it would take too much to give the gate operator a pdq machine. One step at a time though.

There is a perfectly good system where you can queue twice across the car park if you want to live in that bureaucratic paradise.

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Had exactly this experience last season, don’t get to many home games as live 120 miles away and usually plan ahead a get someone to buy me a ticket in advance. Came down on a whim to boxing day v Bristol Rover, turned up to be told you can’t get in without a ticket even though the ground was half empty. Had to stand for half an hour in a queue then repeat to get a pint. Needless to say didn’t bother again last season.