Pay on the day

Ok, so now we’ve actually had a home game has it been established what happens if you want to buy a ticket on the day but aren’t able to buy online or have an e-ticket on a mobile device?

Are you able to buy from the ticket office window and if so what form does it take? Do they print off a ticket for you to scan? :thinking:

Why can’t they have contactless turnstiles (to replace the cash ones we used to have) for unreserved sections? Might have to make them adult only to avoid complexity, but would mean a shorter queue at the window for juniors and seniors.

There has got to be some reasonably priced options out there that could do the job - just look at the complexity of using a card on the London underground if you haven’t go an Oyster card, and that technology has been around for years!


Guys, this is Walsall Football Club you are talking about. You know, that forward thinking club who listen to fans and who prepared so efficiently and diligently for the first home match in long, long time. Holey Moley, What are you expecting :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

I note our friends down Dales Lane are operating both an e-ticket as well as a cash system. Best of both worlds in my view. In fact, i will go and part with my cash down Dales Lane tomorrow evening and scoff a pie and mushy peas. Top quality.

No idea but if it’s turning up and queuing then its no improvement

You can buy the e tickets right up to kick off can’t ya?

As far as I know yes, but I’m asking what happens if you can’t buy that way?

They provided an alternative for season tickets so I’d assume there’s an alternative for one off tickets too?

I saw people with physical tickets on Saturday to be fair so they must still be doing them.

I dread to think what the queue at the office was like :see_no_evil:


We arrived at 2:20 and could already see a queue of about 20 people at the ticket office. In fairness a lot of them were probably people with issues of their QR codes not scanning.

They were sending fans who’s digital tickets didn’t work to the ticket office to get a physical ticket. This was still happening at 2.55 pm as the bloke in front of us had to do it.


Glad I didn’t have that issue, I’d have just sacked it off and gone home.

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Fortunately ours worked too, I did have my doubts as my phone screen is so cracked you can barely see the time on it :grinning:


I now spend my Saturday morning with phone battery paranoia :grinning:


Abs me it’s a nightmare lol

Just a thought but what if someone was to run out of mobile data it happens will they still work?

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Yeah data doesn’t affect it as its downloaded to your wallet app


My mobile sometimes struggles to pick up enough data at bescot. Being as I’m limited to Google pay and unable to download a digital copy of the QR code, I’m dreading the day when I have issues. Also, their useless tech required my phone to be handled by the turnstile operator. Really clever at the moment!!!:imp::imp::imp::imp::imp:

Does google pay work mate?

Yeah we’ve still got 80s style mesh infront of the operator that means the scanner won’t work.

If you don’t laugh you’ll cry.


If you’ve already downloaded to your wallet/pay app then it shouldn’t matter about how much data credit you’ve got (or need for a Wifi signal) - but dead battery, cracked screen, forgot pin, left it at home etc are other possible reasons you might get caught out.


Yeah. You don’t need data to access the ticket once it’s downloaded