Pelsall Villa vs Walsall - Pre Season

Does anyone have the details of the game - scorers, date etc?

It was the game where Herivelto played and I’m sure Andy Sinton was on trial

There’s a program for sale Pelsall Villa V Walsall on eBay mate, the date is 22/7/99, I’d imagine it was around this time as Herivelto was playing for us around 2001ish, hope this helps a little.

August 5th 2002.

Line up. (Who they were subbed for in brackets)
Harris (Coleman)
Sinton (Paschalis)
N Smith (Stanley)
Hay (Cunliffe)
Barras (Caines)
Martinez (Keates)
Birch (Fryatt)
Zdrillic (Bishop)

Won 8-0. Hay x 1, Keates x 1, Birch x 2, Bishop x 1, Herivelto x 3.


Thank you squire.