Penalty Shootouts

I’m sure we’ve had threads on this before, but after last night’s failure it is topical again …

How many shootouts have we had now and what has our success rate been (it feels like we have a worse record than England but is that what the stats actually say)?

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Only a couple of successful ones that I can remember in recent times. Chesterfield at home in the FA Cup 2nd round replay before we played Brentford, and the win against Tranmere in the JPT final season.

Away v. Bristol Rovers, a few years ago?

1988 play off final. Won the shoot out to host the replay.


That’s the first one I can remember we ever had - unless anyone knows different?

Beat Chesterfield under Smith in the FA Cup.

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We beat reading away in the fa cup 1st round replay In 2003

During the unsurpassable Graydon season, we missed a ton of penalties in regular play…

…Wrack against Preston, and again against Notts; Rammell against Lincoln; Larusson against… I want to say Wycombe?; Pointon against Millwall….

… yet in the Auto Windscreens Shield, we basically got from first round to area final off the back of shootout wins: an absolute epic against Bristol Rovers, then more straightforward ones against Brentford and Cambridge (don’t recall us missing one in either of the latter two).

I think these are all of them, unless I’ve missed any…

87/88 Bristol City H Division 3 playoffs W 4-2
89/90 Bristol Rovers A FL Trophy L 2-3
93/94 Scunthorpe A FA Cup L 6-7
96/97 Burnley A FA Cup L 2-4
98/99 Bristol Rovers H FL Trophy W 5-4
98/99 Brentford A FL Trophy W 4-3
98/99 Cambridge H FL Trophy W 4-3
02/03 Blackburn A League Cup L 4-5
02/03 Reading A FA Cup W 4-1
04/05 Cheltenham A FL Trophy L 3-4
05/06 Swansea A FL Trophy L 5-6
09/10 Bury H FL Trophy L 4-5
11/12 Dagenham H FA Cup L 2-3
12/13 Port Vale H FL Trophy L 5-6
13/14 Wolves A FL Trophy L 2-4
14/15 Tranmere A FL Trophy W 5-4
15/16 Chesterfield H FA Cup W 5-3
17/18 Coventry H FL Trophy L 3-4
18/19 Macclesfield H League Cup L 1-3
19/20 Coventry A FL Trophy L 4-5

Won 7
Lost 13


Give that man a round of applause :clap::clap:
I would have been inclined to tell the OP to look it up himself, the lazy bastard :smile:


Cheers - won more than I thought, but still lost nearly twice as many. Given that they are quite frequent in whatever last night’s competition is now called (sponsored by Mrs Miggins’ pie shop or something) you’d think we’d at least practice them.

BTW Is Pingu a reference to Bjarni Larusson?

Yep the username is inspired by Bjarni!

I also thought we’d lost more but then if you split it at the Reading shootout, after that we had W5 L4 and since then we have W2 L9. So that probably accounts for our thinking we have a bad record.

To be honest, even without the statistical proof that we are ■■■■ at them, I’ve never been a fan of penalties to decide a game. I understand that in some situations (e.g. tournaments like World Cup Finals etc, or even deciding on the extra point in the Mickey Mouse Trophy as it’s not a knockout) then it is the only practical solution, but extra time, ET with golden or silver goal, or the old unlimited replays until you get a winner are better than what often turns out to be a lottery no better than tossing a coin.

Not sure that’s entirely true. Lots of skill, practice and nerve goes into winning a penalty shoot out. Just take a look at the techniques of the England players taking penalties against Colombia in the 2018 World Cup, compared with previous tournaments. A considerable amount of work had clearly gone into the process to help us improve, and thankfully that paid off.

Agreed penalties are a cruel way to lose but it’s not down to luck. The team with the best technique and mentality will win.


Resources matter more for penalties. Statistically goalkeepers dive in patterns, not randomly, so whoever has the resources to get a video highlight clip of the opposition keeper and determine which way he will go is more likely to win.

Never really thought of that, but I guess nowadays most teams do similar levels of research.

Some of the penalties i have seen taken you would stand a better chance of saving it if you just stud there :joy:

Especially if it’s booted at ya


Playground footy.
Three corners equals a pen.
“Baggeys fust pen”

Playground cricket.
If the ball hit yer leg, yome out lbw. No matter where ball pitched, or where it was gooin.

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