Penalty Shootouts

Or you have to “retire” when you reach 25 runs

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…and six an out , over the railway or the cut.


Not if it’s your bat everbody is using.


Or if it’s tea time , and you’ve got to go in … it’s my ball

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“So you smash up the floodlights
And the game was abandoned,
And the dog would bark
And you’d be banned from his house.
And your travelling army
Of synthetic supporters
Would be taken away from you
And thrown in the bin.”

Lyrics care of Half Man Half Biscuit.


Frido balls … anybody have one ?

Quality orange coloured placco lol.

You could mend 'em with a hot knife or screwdriver, and blow 'em up again.

Still on the lookout for a proper transformer, I see.

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Thanks @Pingu

I think what our record shows is that penalty shoot outs definitely aren’t a lottery and have a lot to do with confidence and skill.

If you look at the years where we have won penalty shootouts we have had good/successful teams.

87/88 - the promotion year
98/99 - Sir Ray’s beautiful team
14-16 - the culmination of Smith’s work.

I think that is six out of the seven wins, the other one being when we were a second tier side.

The thirteen losses on the whole have been when we have been a poor team or a team very low on confidence.

And that’s about right right for us. More than two thirds of the time we are at least a bit rubbish and this will be reflected when we ask five of our players to put the ball into the net from twelve yards.


Penalty shoot outs are won on skill, quality and nerve.

Guessing our budget dictates our chances.


I agree with P.T and Mazza01.

Last year, when we scored only one of five penalty attempts at home to Macclesfield, Keates said that penalty shoot-outs are just a “lottery”. That was when I began to realise that he did not have a clue.