Pension fund specialist

This is a genuine request from the independent. Saddlers supporters association

Is there anyone on here who specialises in pension law And knows. The rules. Surrounding. Self invested pension funds Inside out , who would be willing to meet with Issa comitee members. And offer us some advice. And guidance please,
Any one who can be off assistance please let me know via. Pm


If it is any good mate these are the people that did my transfer, they may be willing to send someone to give advice, they have certainly done well with mine since they managed the transfer last august.

Cheers mate.

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Henwood Court recently sponsored the Carlisle game at the start of Jan so would indicate they are potentially fans of the club.

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Are you planning to set up an ISSA committee member pension fund? :wink:

Nah they are simply want to copy what our number one fan has done and why shouldn’t they?

I know one @Dhforever but he spends a lot of his time in Cyprus so he might be hard to get hold of :wink:


Lol. Why didn’t I think of that

Don’t we know it mate

Hope you aint signing Makris back :wink: