Peter Clarke signs

From Tranmere on a 1 year deal.

40 year old centre half, played every minute in League 2 last season.

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F***ing hell :see_no_evil: :see_no_evil: :see_no_evil: :see_no_evil:


He’s past it, sorry but not buying this one.

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Is he the bloke who conceded the peno in the home game?


Yes, yes he is. Looked an absolute cart horse in most of that game in my opinion.

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Wait…… what?

How very very Walsall :joy::joy::joy::joy:

Is this the “game-changer” ?


Thats cus he probably needs a horse to get around lol
Guys 40 we already have 4 centre back, what’s the point seriously?
Kinda get why people cal is smalsall now

Our oldest ever player? I can’t remember us having anyone 40+.

40 is the new 30

Not to impressed . The blokes 40 probably commanding a good wage which could be spent on a good striker. With our luck will probably get injured first game

And hid dad is our new keeper :laughing:


So underwhelming… this is what we have been reduced too… ffs

Tranmere had the best defensive record in League 2 with him playing every minute last season.

Clarke Daniels Monthe sounds good to me


Claridge was 40 wasn’t he when with us? Date of birth 10th April 1966 (thanks Wikipedia). But he will be our oldest once plays.

Can’t say I am exactly impressed with this signing. Prepared to be wrong.

Played 51 games last season, League 2 team of the season, 4 goals and im sure Tranmere had the best defensive record last season. May not be such a bad signing.


And his grandad is the key man we are all excited about hes a No 9 well thats his bus number

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He was the only outfield player to play every minute of every game last season and he was in the League Two team of the year.


Doesn’t seem bad to me? In the league 2 team of the season, in the team with the best defence in the league, where he played every minute. I think last season we really lacked leadership on the pitch at times and the players we signed who were meant to bring it really didn’t (Taylor, Labadie, Ward), which Clarke may be able to bring. I’m not worried about his age, 1 year deal. In a back 3/5, won’t have to be as reliant on his pace.


Problem is he’s now a year older…. and we have a habit of signing players just as they tip off a cliff playing wise.