Peter Clarke

And Flynn also revealed he wants stalwart defender Peter Clarke, 40, to reach the next milestone in his 22-year career after bringing him off the bench against Harrogate.

The boss said: “Peter is on 894 games and I’m trying to get him to 900 as quick as possible, so that’s the reason behind that if anyone wants to know (why I brought him on).”

As long as it benefits the team. I don’t want him on just to reach 900 if it disrupts the team.

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Yeah I’ve been a big defender of Flynn from some frankly ridiculous hyperbolic criticism to this point, but that one is a head scratcher. I actually just assumed we were running some clock down, and completely understood it.

Stat padding isn’t something I would like to see though.


Peter Clarke I can live with his at his age and expecience for the defence as he can be more static but Andy Williams is a waste of a wage IMHO. He has good intentions but its just huff and puff and no real contribution to the team

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No issue whatsoever with this. Clarke has done well when he has played, never let anyone down. I wonder if Flynn is doing this because Clarke is the one who needs an op

Stands a chance and the wrong age for having operations. I think this will be his last season in the game to be honest, but fantastic career and just hopefully it could be a memorable one for him, albeit I am not holding my breath!

Gave away a terrible pen last Saturday. Looked very leggy at times too.

He certainly did.


You need to see this comment in context. He brought him on with literally 30 seconds to go in a match we were winning 3-1 and probably a number of people had questioned why he bothered. I don’t think for one second he is suggesting he would select him or bring him on if he didn’t think it was the right decision for the team but this was obviously an opportunity to help him notch up that stat without any danger.

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Having started really well for us in the opening two or three games, it does look as though time is catching up with him.

I suspect the plan will be to get him to game 900 as quickly and in as much of a “do no harm” way as possible and then have him around the place in a similar way to Matt Sadler last season. A bit of a coach/mentor and break glass in case of emergency squad player.

This requires Mcentee to get fit and stay fit.


Can’t agree with that to be honest. Bar the first few games.

However bringing him on at the end with 10 mins to go he can still be useful in the right situations.

I think it may be get him to 900 asap and let him have the op that keeps getting mentioned…?

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Clarke no doubt brings far more to the club and dressing room than his playing. He’s a senior figure who has kept his mind and body sharp enough to have such a long career - and this is a great thing to have around young up and coming professionals.

With a career like he’s had, there won’t be many things he hasn’t experienced directly, so he’ll be a great source of experience and advice - and a perfect candidate to move onwards into the coaching side of the game.

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That’s fine, so long as nobody has to ask him “So, Peter, what will relegation feel like?”

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Smattering of rumours suggesting Clarke could be retiring, is this why Flynn wants him to get too 900 apps asap?


Another waste of a signing if he does.

Hopefully if this is the case then Mcentee is not far off. I agree though it would have been a waste of a signing and despite what Tranmere fans said I always had my reservations, looks like its 1 season too far for him.

Maybe this is a result of conversations with Trivala, what with Pryzback, Abraham and potentially Clarke going maybe they said if you want DJ or to make more signings in Jan then we need to trim the squad.


I like the guy but he looks finished, he won’t take us forward.


Gamble and Mole have looked finished for a number of years but they are still around


Some Oldham fans on twitter reckon he’s off to them…

On loan until January apparently hmm

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