Peter Gilman

Having looked at the photos of our board of directors on the website, does anyone else think that Peter Gilman has spent too long under a sun lamp?

Not really. Just 30 years too long at the club.


It was del’s fault

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It looks like it should have a big question mark on it with the caption “Who is the mysterious benefactor?”

Can’t understand why he is still on the board now Bonser is gone, unless LP is blissfully unaware of his links to the move to Bescot.


I’ve heard from an unreliable source that Gilman has only stuck around for this long so that he can offer his construction expertise on the proposed new stadium on Pelsall Common.


Can’t one of supporters group write to him and ask him what he does ? Or appeal to other directors about the mismanagement of the club we are witnessing

Raised by @Pedagogue at the last WPM:

BT then asked what the purpose of Peter Gilman was on the WFC Board of Directors. SG responded and stated that PG has been on the Board at Walsall FC for a number of years having previously served as Director and Vice Chairman of Leeds United Football Club from 1980-96. SG added that PG brings experience and business acumen and is regarded highly at the club.

There is one of the problem. Relying on the expertise from an era of football which has since moved on. New fresh exciting passionate people needed.

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A quick Google of this Gilman fella shows he is worth a few quid as well

What’s his interest in Walsall

Who is his link to the Club ?

His company built our stadium?

Mmmm mutual back scratching.


Nothing to see here. Absolutely nothing.


A bit like the massive coincidence of the Makris transfer saga.

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I have that article filed as it is the most joined up account around this that I have seen in the public domain.

The dots are so close together they barely need joining.


Mr Gilman - a very interesting fella.
Read Peter Ridsdale book about his time as Leeds chairman and he makes reference to the very sameGilman.
A few years back I rented a cottage in the lovely little village in the Derbyshire Peak District and it’s most famous resident was a certain Peter Gilman.
During the=week I got to know the lovcal butcher and landlord and once they knew I was a Walsall fan they pointed out his stately pile.
Let’s just say the locals think of him in exactly the same way we think of Bonser

Says everything by saying nothing.

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That shadowy character on the board!

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Wallet the turncoat still there then