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Peterborough United (A) Dec 22nd, 3pm


Some people want to shoot him if he doesn’t. It’s called a no win


is Martin injured?


Ginnellys a strange one. He came in, I wasn’t that bothered. He started pretty well and I thought he’d improved a lot. Last few weeks he’s been let’s say average and his end product is not league one level.

If Preston want him more power to them. As long as he’s replaced I can’t say I’m that bothered.


He won’t be, any funds we ‘may’ get for him (probably peanuts anyway, we always give players away) will go straight into the deep black hole that is Suffolk Life Pension Fund.
Also as Chunkster asks, is Martin injured? Can’t remember any news about an injury…Something going on behind the scenes perhaps?


We replaced everybody in the summer and reinforced.

Not saying we will just wouldn’t write it off


Hope you’re right, and that Keatsy demands some January ‘ammunition’,
particularly defensively, not confident that todays set up can stop the goals going in again.


He certainly seems more convincing than previous managers.


Wilson playing on the left here…


Charlton Athletic 1 Gillingham 0

Bradford City 1 Scunthorpe United 0

Luton Town 1 Burton Albion 0

Doncaster Rovers 1 Oxford United 0

Southend Utd 0 Rochdale 1


Martin " has a niggle yeah right. Dropped.


We have appear to have started well but no goals to show for our efforts. Sound familiar.


But we haven’t conceded (yet!) :slight_smile:


Bristol Rovers 1 Fleetwood Town 1

Bradford City 2 Scunthorpe Utd 0 now (29 min)

Wycombe Wanderers 0 AFC Wimbledon 1

Charlton Athletic 2 Gillingham 0


Walsall yellow card, 35 minutes … (Andy Cook)


That’ll put the cat among the pigeons… Posh 0 Saddlers 1 (44 min)

(An Isaiah Osbourne header, would you believe???)

“Useless full-back” Nicky Devlin with the assist…


Osbourne :open_mouth:


Good assisted header by Devlin


Leahy and Devlin both involved … yet again :eyes:


That should boost confidence…Leahy with a cross, missed by the keeper, headed back by Devlin for Osbourne to score!!! UTS


Never a boring moment being a Saddler!!