Player contracts

Just checked out of curiosity when some of our players are out of contract and didn’t realise that most of our starting 11 are out of contract at the end of the season - Flash, Adebayo, Wes, Scarr, Norman just to name a few… arguably our best 5 players

Hopefully we can get some tied down before the end of the season. Must be hard negotiating contracts in these current times but for once maybe our ‘well-run’ status might be of an advantage to us offering some players stability

If not, promotion this season might be all that more important

Our contracts haven’t been disclosed for a while so it would be interesting to see if they are correct.

I assume Sinclair and J.Clarke will be out of contract, as will Guthrie. Gordon definitely is as we know what he signed when Keates was here.

Think it’s key we keep Gordon and Adebayo, whatever happens.

May well be the reason for the upturn in form of certain players !

Losing Gordon and Adebayo on a free would be devastating for the club, not only are they crucial to our success but also close on a million pounds worth of players between them especially if Adebayo continues his development.

Would be sickening considering where both were at in their careers when we took them on to where they are now. I personally really enjoy watching both too so would love them to stay.

Plus this team is just starting to really click, we as fans have had patience allowing them to do so, so would be a real blow for them to go just when we’re getting decent value out of them

The pessimist in me (realist as a Walsall fan) thinks that Gordon has already had interest so will be off and on paper, Adebayo is scoring goals and is some athlete at 6ft4 so plenty of teams will fancy him

We will find it difficult to hang onto them unless we get promotion.There are one or two others who are also improving rapidly who will be marketable.

Let’s be realistic,any player out of contract at the end of the season will go to bigger clubs.It’s only human nature to want more money for doing the same job,we just have to hope that due to the coronavirus there will be enough half decent players desperate to get a club even at less wages.

You’re right but surely we can do better than that. We have to keep these players and knowing what we do now, we have to have a real go at promotion, no excuses.

And like I said previously, in these uncertain times, hopefully a guaranteed income from a stable club will be enough to persuade players.

Maybe this is where DC really earns his money and gets some of these lot tied down and showing loyalty to him…

Hmmm, by bigger club, if you mean League One then I would doubt it. Can you honestly say any of those out of contract players would at the moment be anywhere near a regular in a League One team?

If you mean a bigger club in League Two then its quite possible a lot of players are gonna be in for a shock whenever their next move comes around, the money just will not be there for most clubs.

By bigger clubs,I mean clubs who can offer them more money,that’s all the players (or anyone) is interested in,there’s no room for futile gestures when it comes to a player’s finances.

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Clubs with the clout of money like Salford and ‘Bolton’…Oh hang on a minute…

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Now I see why they are all playing so well.

​I’d be very surprised, when some contracts don’t have some clauses attached. Eg one year extension in club’s favour. So I’m not that concerned if all valuable players are gone next Summer. And there is a manager and owner, who probably think at least one step ahead. So it shouldn’t be that bad. Money is tight now in every club probably, so transfers dealings could be less likely. Time will tell of course.​

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Oh, what a shock :joy:
The fact that we sign players on one and two year deals might have something to do with it.

It’s the merry go round that the club seems happy to ride on.

Some team offered me over a million for Ade on fifa today :grin:


Sorry to break it to you but it’s not real money


Really need to keep the forward line around for next season…whatever division team is in.

Tremendous potential there and I think they can grow back in league 1. Remember Flash was getting better week in week out in league one the more he played and can see happening with Ade and Wes. Hopefully it’s here rather than somehere else but bit concerning Holden is only contracted senior forward player for next season currently.

Not too fussed on rest of the side tbh.

Gordon was being linked to Burton a few months ago so you can certainly see him being attractive to a bottom half league one team if he’s available on free transfer.

Certainly if Ade scores 15 + goals this season which he’s certainly capable of now then that’s pretty self explanatory as goalscorers will always be in demand from higher leagues.

Wes is probably the one I’m not sure about but then he’s just like about 20 other widemen in league one who are as hit and miss as him.

Players that need to be retained for me if possible.
Jules - He is only 21 and has the potential to develop into a top player .
Norman- Compared to last season he is a different player and seems to be getting better with each passing week . Been very consistent.
Scarr-although he makes the odd mistake he he can be very dominant in the air and I think will improve his game in the next season .
Wes- On his day and on form is unplayable is still only young and with time and age will be more consistent.
Flash - Our best player for me just for his work rate alone ( and he can score a penalty)
Adeybayo - Again has improved so much this season. More eager and hard working, winning more headers and starting to get into good scoring positions as shown in the last few games . Probably the most important for me to tie down as his type a big lad who can also play abit and at a young age are hard to find . As I’m sure there will be plenty of interest if he can keep up his performances.