Player of the Season 20/21

Time to start thinking about it, who you going for? Why?

Player of the Season 20/21
  • Liam Roberts
  • Jack Rose
  • Cameron Norman
  • Zak Jules
  • Mat Sadler
  • James Clarke
  • Dan Scarr
  • George Nurse
  • Callum Cockerill-Mollett
  • Hayden White
  • Stuart Sinclair
  • Liam Kinsella
  • Alfie Bates
  • Wes McDonald
  • Jack Nolan
  • Emmanuel Osadebe
  • Caolan Lavery
  • Josh Gordon
  • Elijah Adebayo
  • Rory Holden

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It will be Adebayo for me. Don’t think anything will change that view between now and May.

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Yep. Just going through those names and thinking about who is the stand out player amongst them is very very difficult… because of how low the level of performance has been.

Eli for me.

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Rory Holden should be in with a shout, purely based on him getting better with every game he’s missed! Things like this show exactly what a poor job Clarke has done

Kinsella for me Mr consistency, the lad gives is all for the club.


Ade for me, head and shoulders above anyone else, there is a reason he has gone onto better things.

Adebayo. After Newport (a), pretty much a year ago this week, he was written off as being destined for non league. Improved massively in the following 12 months and got a Championship move he deserved for a decent fee.

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Don’t see how you can pick a player of the season unless they play the whole season , for me Scarr or Kinsella neither are world beaters but both are consistent performers at this level 100% every week .


Got to be ade . Really has been noticeable how his presence and work rate have been missed in the games since he left .

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I think it’s revealing that we are now talking about player of the season being just committed players.

The player of the season should be one with real quality and something special - this lot are awful


If you’re not going to play properly @WalsallOne, my mum says that I have to go home for me tea! And it’s my ball!

Osadebe? FFS! :flushed::wink::grinning:

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It was actually @Wbranch that’s voted for him.

Oh, my bad! Thanks @RobHarv3y

Sorry @WalsallOne

@Wbranch I hope that you’re pleased with yourself! :grimacing:

Would of gone for Adebayo but he isn’t going to be here at the end of the season. So at the moment I’m going for Holden hopefully once he returns we can start winning games again

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I’m going to throw a little curve ball into the mix here a player who I think has been excellent and was again yesterday improved immensely and is a perfect centre half for league two I’ve took a few screen shots of his stats to back it up Dan Scarr for me he’s top 2 for quite a few stats this season.

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Thats not me BTW but I think we could all agree he deserves something…which is probably unprintable on a family site :wink:

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After much deliberation I have gone for Holden on the basis he is still here.The 2 best have gone half way through the season.

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Desperately need a Stafflers option on this poll.

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Yes. I agree, Scarr is one of the best passers at the club.

Too many howlers to be POTS

Cameron Norman the only consistently above average performer for me, but it’s a low bar.

Holden my favourite and I understand the love for Eli, but we make ourselves look silly if we choose a POTS who will probably play less than 50% of our games, which puts them out in my mind

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