Player of the Season 20/21

Because dickheads like you want to vote for him :rofl:

Seeing players like Kinsella being a favourite really shows what a state we’re in.

I don’t mean that as disrespect to him but he’s been average at absolute best and yet would be considered as being in with a chance of winning it.

I’d genuinely rather the award wasn’t given out unless there is a player, or players, who can be said to have played well. Cheapens it otherwise.

Maybe, hopefully, someone can show something in the next few weeks.

Its the same for the MOTM award when we’ve played awful and every player has had a mare. Why they announce the sponsors MOTM for games like that I’ll never know.

Good job I’m not the match sponsor for games like that or I would pick a player that retired decades ago just to make a point :wink:


I would like to have the balls to announce that due to the fact they were all crap, the award goes to the fans that turned up to watch it :grin:

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Tough one to call to be honest .

If Adi was still here and performing as he was the last few games he played for us he’d probably of got my vote due to the massive improvement from when he first arrived when everyone thought he was the worst player to put on the shirt .

If Holden hadn’t been out for so long with his injury he would of been in contention also . ( I do hope that slimeball Clarke doesn’t come sniffing around once he’s fit and out of contract )

Kins has never pulled up any trees for me really , steady but not exceptional in my view , but the last handfull of games he’s been the one whos been all over the pitch winning tackles here and there , so a possible contender .

Need to see who measures up closer to the end of the season for me to make a final decision on this .

Who knows one of the team may really come to fore with a knew manager not publicly slating them .