Player of the season

  • Josh Gordon
  • Wes Mcdonald

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Might be a bit early but dismissing some sort of miracle the season is coming to an end, who would you say has been your player of the season? I’ve done a poll as those are my only outstanding candidates although happy to add options if needed.

Josh Gordon has been everything I love in a player for Walsall FC and really feel he has improved so much as a player and hope we can keep him for next year. However Wes I feel is my player of the season so far as for much of the season, he was the only person that got me off my seat when he recieved the ball. If we can keep these 2 for next season, I feel we have a real chance of at least the play-offs, if not more.

But open to suggestions if you feel there are players more deserving and please close down the topic if we feel it is too early!

Would like to hear people’s explanations too for who they feel is POTS. UTS

Only 1 person in the running at this time . FLASH GORDON. Even when things wasn’t going well for him his effort and attitude is to be commended. Great to see things going well for him now.


McDonald edges it for me, only because he’s been on it all season and had to force his way in. Yeah he drifts in and out of some games but that’s exciting wingers for you. Also think at times he’s carried our entire attacking threat on his own and would have a ton more assists if our strikers could finish their tea earlier in the season.

Both outstanding though and the only contenders.

Josh by a country mile.

I agree.
But, if Eli goes on a scoring spree, he would have to be in this conversation.

Flash, no one else anywhere near.

McDonald for me, although Josh has been excellent since November time.

Honourable mention for Dan Scarr aswell.

If it’s over the whole season then Josh is a clear winner on my view.

Carried on from last season but in a lower league.

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Flash by a mile for me as well, his effort and determination when things wasn’t going his way has been commendable.

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Surely if it’s over the whole season that favours McDonald not Gordon? Josh has been exceptional the last few months and is rightly being considered, but McDonald has performed all season.

Maybe it is for you, but it’s not a “surely”, surely?

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It took a while for McDonald to break into the side though, in fact he’d only played two full games in the league by November. Only after that point has he been really influential, earned the contract and become a guaranteed starter.

That said, it took Gordon 14 games to score a league goal, so they’ve both been late bloomers this season, and you could suggest McDonald’s introduction has helped to galvanise our entire forward approach and JG’s goals tally.

It’s a close one!


I can’t really hold Clarke’s team selections against him. Particularly as the period he wasn’t playing we were extremely poor. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that we improved after he was introduced regularly. I’d say the fact he broke into the team after initially being a fringe player is commendable rather than a detriment.

But it is close. You can’t argue with Goals and Gordon’s work ethic is superb.

Well yeah it is, because we are talking about performance. Unless anybody is realistically going to argue that what I’m saying isn’t fact?

It’s not fact it’s opinion. See a Simon’s post above. That’s one of the reasons I wrote “whole season”.
Also McDonald has had a few no shows, particularly during the period following him signing his contract.

Gordon has been there all season, whether striker, wide player or playing deeper.

There is isn’t a formula for this.

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It’s opinion that McDonald hasn’t been a fine player all season and Gordon has been exceptional over the last few months. Ok.

I wasn’t suggesting having to break into the team was to his detriment, just pointing out that he hadn’t figured too regularly until mid-November so it’s difficult to measure his performance over the entire season. Equally, it’s commendable that Gordon has started scoring goals despite a slow start to the campaign, which is testament to his attitude and work ethic.

Definite correlation between McDonald starting and Gordon scoring more, though. They will be key players for us next year and I do worry we could lose one or both in the summer.

I’d put it a different way, “his” entire season.

Not at all

Player of the season not player for a few games

Josh Gordon 100% nailed on

Josh has been amazing since 6 games in hes been electric and all over the ptich

Ada been good for 3 games thats not a season

Josh Gordon for me. His effort and work rate has been outstanding and that’s how you win over me as a fan above anything else.
As I say, that’s how you win over me, so it’s just an opinion. Nobody will change my mind.