Player ratings for the season

Rainy morning here and with nothing better to do here are my ratings for the squad over the season. Haven’t bothered with a few players who barely featured. Be interested to see what others think!


Smith - 7 - Room for improvement but did well overall.

Evans - 5 - Form fell off a cliff, time for a fresh start somewhere else.


Gordon - 7 - Reliable performer, good at dribbling but lack of crossing ability is a bit of an issue.

Daniels - 6 - Started the season reliably and then dipped a bit I felt. A disaster when coming back from injury for the run-in. Hopefully a blip and not permanent decline.

Knowles - 6 - Funny one, maddening to watch at times, but we seemed to miss him when he was out.

Okagbue - 7 - Decent loan spell and did particularly well in the ‘makeshift’ back three.

Allen - 7 - Revelation when he first came in at centre back, although maybe started to get exposed towards the end.

Farquharson - 6 - Thought he was pretty good when he had a proper run in the team, but injury record is worrying.

Folkes - 6 - Looked better when he came back into the team at the end of the season, but not sure he’s suited to wing-back.

Adegboyega - 7 - I liked him and thought he showed good potential.

Williams - 6 - Feels like ages since he last played, can hardly remember him.

Riley - 4 - Seemed like a nice guy when doing commentary, but always injured and pretty anonymous when he did play.


Hutchinson - 8 - Blows hot and cold, but 15 goals and 12 assists. Not many Walsall strikers manage that let alone midfielders. Player of the season.

Stirk - 6 - Didn’t get the hype around him early on. A decent workhorse, but just Kinsella 2.0 in my opinion.

Comely - 8 - Was a big part of our good spells throughout the season as the anchorman.

Mcentee - 7 - Not a big fan of him in midfield, but made some good contributions regardless.

Tierney - 5 - Bit forgettable in my opinion.

Earring - 7 - I felt we were much better when he was in the team, but will he ever be fit enough?


Draper - 9 - Massively exceeded my expectations. I wonder how things would have panned out if he’d stayed. Surprised to see he played more minutes than any other forward despite leaving in Jan.

Matt - 6 - Showed his class at times, but not fit enough anymore.

Gordon - 5 - Appreciate his work rate for the team, but one goal in 21 games speaks for itself.

DJT - 5 - Nice goal at Grimsby, but not shown a whole lot else.

DJ - 5 - Only started 10 games all season, mad really when you consider the fanfare around his signing. Who knows what went on, but a disaster of a season.

Faal - 7 - Some horrible misses, but also showed some decent potential.

Oteh - 5 - Can hardly remember him.


Agree with a lot of this, think Tierney and Stirk may be a little harsh, but only by 1 point maybe.

Think Faal would have got a 6 from me but other than that pretty bang on.

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Smith - 7.5 - will play higher up in the pyramid

Evans - 5, Shame how its ended.


Gordon - 6.5 needs to add goals and assists to his game

Daniels - 5 was great as a marauding defender but been useless recently. Great mid range passing abiltiy though

Knowles - 2 ( 9 for running -7 for everything else) Get rid

Okagbue - 7 - Good signing

Allen - 7 deserves a new contract

Farquharson - If can stay fit will be a good player

Folkes - 7.5 execellent in breakthrough season.

Adegboyega - 7.5 positive signing

Williams - 5 Decent player if can get fit

Riley - 0.5 Decent wage off the bill


Hutchinson - 8.5 goals and assists will be a problem to replace, don’t like his attitude tbh

Stirk - 6 - bit better than average, will improve

Comely - 7.5 Mr Consistent

Mcentee - 6.5 makes the back line better when fit

Tierney - 5 very average player

Earring - 6.5 will be an asset when properly fit


Draper - 9.5 Brilliant

Matt - 6 past it now

Gordon - 4 for running

DJT - 1.5

DJ - 4 Sadlers fault

Faal - 5 Will get better

Oteh - 2 Who?

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Smith - 7 - did well but needs to work on a few things.

Evans - 4 - Confidence went - and so did his performances.


Gordon - 6 - Did ok… but really poor in final third, and part of a defence that shipped 73 goals.

Daniels - 5 - something has gone wrong.

Knowles - 4 - Abysmal.

Okagbue - 6 - did well, but not the answer. Doubt he will be here next season.

Allen - 7 - Came in and did a great job… but is he going to be part of a promotion winning team?

Farquharson - 5 - very disappointed in terms of form and injuries - very cumbersome on the ball.

Folkes - 6 - Good first season, but a lot to work on.

Adegboyega - 7 - Good player but still learning.

Williams - 5 - no real comment.

Riley - 2 - An awful 2 year.


Hutchinson - 9 - Player of the season by a mile.

Stirk - 6 - Yeah ok but… yet to see him influence a game.

Comely - 7 - good season but too slow on the ball.

Mcentee - 6 - clearly not a midfielder but a good season.

Tierney - 5 - Doesn’t really do much.

Earring - 7 - We are a better team when he is in it. Injuries a concern.


Draper - 9 - Fantastic.

Matt - 4 - Bar a handful of good performances - ultimately past it and injury prone.

Gordon - 3 - Awful.

DJT - 2 - Was a pointless signing then and is a pointless signing now. Dreadful.

DJ - 1 - Horrendous season - and not his fault.

Faal - 7 - loads of potential.

Oteh - 5 - pointless.

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Someone will come in for Hutchinson with his stats 15 goals and 12 assists is it? Similar stats to Elliot Lee at Wrexham in a much better team as well than ours.

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It’s amazing that we weren’t relegated :smile:


Put that down to Watson and Hutch :smile:

A lot of 6’s which I think equates to where we finished - very average :smile:

Who is this Folkes chap?

Knowles had a decent season. He is a bit of a maverick but he knuckled down to improve his defending and his disciplinary record.

Not relevant here but I thought his shot was going in yesterday until Matt deflected it over the bar.

Did he? He had 8 yellows last season, this season he had 13 and a red card.


Amazed at the high marks for Smith. He is promising but assuming Evans goes we need a keeper who can command the box. Even more surprised at the low marks for DD .He was our best defender for the first half of the season as well as being an excellent Captain. I hope he returns fit and confident next season.


We need an ince for this level not a Walker imo


He did. I was referring to how he was picking up a card every game earlier in the season but that stopped later on.

When he was commentating he said that he hated referees, whoever they were. You can see him talking to them all the time, rather like Labadie did, not at the same level but it contributes to him getting into trouble.

Me too. I don’t get all this praise for him. He is a decent shot stopper, although not so yesterday, and has good distribution but is weak in the air and does not dominate the 6 yard box. I’m all for another Clayton Ince.


I agree with @WalsallOne on````` his assessment about our goalkeepers and our Captain.
Evans certainly commands his box better than Smith and, imho, is a better shot stopper. Smith is young and a little raw, but can be developed into a gem.
DD was a disappointment when he was (hurriedly) brought back into the side a few weeks ago, he made some uncharacteristic errors that drew the attention from some critics, was it harsh, a little in my opinion considering most of us thought he was the best centre back at his position in L2 prior to his injury.
If we can’t hold on to Hutchinson (whoever we sell him to there better be 6 zero’s behind it - I’m really tired of selling our players too cheaply) and can keep Jack fit, we have a promising midfield. We don’t have a commanding footballer in the centre of the pitch, something we need and can use the Hutch money for.
I would release all the forward players. I don’t know what went on with DJ and Sadler, something obviously did. My feeling is that he wants to move on, but not before I’ve done everything I could to persuade him to stay.
DJT and Gordon are awful strikers, they need to apply their trade in much lower leagues (ones that don’t play with a goal keeper!). Jamma’s legs are gone and can barely last 45 minutes, he’s a bit past it now.
I would do my best to sign Faal permanently from West Brom. Yes, he’s raw but not without talent that we can further develop.
One if the issues with that is, if Doncaster get promoted and put a bid in for him, we’ll probably lose him to the higher league club.
Had we managed to keep Draper for the full season, I’m convinced we would have easily made the play offs, if not be in the top three.
I realize he’s signed a long-term contract with Lincoln, but I would still make a cheeky bid for him. He fit like a clove here and the fans worshipped him. It’s a pipe dream but worth a shot.
Trivela will have to invest in at least two (quality) strikers who can score goals, it’s at the top of everyone’s (fans) list. We have zero chance of progressing without that investment. There are other positions of need we have to fill, a commanding CM, RWB and a defender. Sadler will probably will delve into the loan market for some positions

Matt Sadler:
Overall, I’d give him 7/10.
Has he made mistakes, of course, one wouldn’t expect anything else from a rookie manager. I believe he’s the type of man who learns from his mistakes, if he doesn’t he can’t progress the club forward. He’s also competing with other L2 managers who have years of experience on him, so imho, he’s done a reasonable job and deserved his contract extension. Are there things he can work on, absolutely, but he has an experienced back-room staff to lean on, and, the ever-wise ROK.
I think he did alright in the loan market. Mo, Manny, Dave and our dear Freddie were good, Draper was exceptional. Tierney on on the fence about, he wasn’t brilliant but not that bad either.
Josh can go back to his parent club with our thanks that we never see his again. Harsh I know, but he’s terrible!
Another long shot would to approach Norwich about signing Manny. I say long shot as I think he will be sitting on their bench very soon, a really good player, too good for L2.

A word about our fans, they have been nothing short of fantastic all season long, the best I can remember for a long time. Thank you ladies and gentlemen for your undying support for the club we all love. Traveling to remote parts of the country, often in inclement weather to cheer the lads on. Correct me if I’m wrong, I don’t believe we’ve had less than 200 at any away game this season. Great job, all of you.


Hope Matt has a cheeky glimpse on here matey :wink:might learn something.

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Think some of the ratings for Knowles are a bit harsh, yes needs work on end product but his pace and ability to take on players we missed on the right hand side when he was injured. He gives defenders something to worry about which creates space for the forwards.


Agree. Sometimes it matters what the opposition fear and they are never comfortable with Knowles around.

I’d love playing against him. Just give him space outside and 9/10 his cross will either hit the first man or go miles over the bar.

He’s had an awful season. Must release. We can do better.


I’m sure people were saying the same about Wes McDonald.

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The only thing he’ll learn is not to ever read UTS again.