Player wages


Not sure how accurate this is but it’s an interesting watch:


The levels mentioned are probably not far out but I doubt very much if Ismail is our highest earner. Edwards probably is alongside Dobson and Cook.


I know Chambers is on a basic of around 93K P/A so the levels are about right but I’d be very surprised if Zeli is getting that seeing as he’s been a football journeyman for a while now and he is always in the same carvery I go to with his family and doesn’t seem particualy flash in cars etc (though maybe he doesnt waste his money I don’t know)


The flash bastard can afford a carvery? :open_mouth::smile:


Haha I know right soon be following taundry throwing 20’s around in Rock Steady Eddies :joy::laughing:


VCC[quote=“chunkster, post:4, topic:2194, full:true”]

The flash bastard can afford a carvery? :open_mouth::smile:

I think he only eats there because he knows he’s safe from @Asps barging in…


Where is Asps by the way, can imagine if he was in charge of protests we wouldn’t be “thinking about making our first stance away at Blackpool” (That’ll show 'em Hah! as the Judian suicide squad would say!).
Asps would break into the Board room, break a few things, and pith 'em off big time!