Players for League Two


Liam Roberts is salvagable.

Keep Dobson, Kory, and- if… massive if… they’ll re-sign- Edwards and Kinsella- all should shine in the basement division.

I would keep Cook, but nailed on he’ll move to a club still in League One, so forget about him being here in August.

There may be a couple of kids who haven’t completely stagnated yet… I’m thinking Parker and Bates, but can’t see much beyond them, in the harsh light of day.

Of the loanees, Johnson could cut it in L2, no doubt. Although, if he told us where to go after the way he’s been treated recently, you couldn’t blame the lad.

Literally everyone else can go, for me. The lot. Squad and backroom staff.





You can forget all the loanees for a start. Wolves will want Johnson at a League One club actually getting game time. I can’t imagine they are too happy with how we have treated one of their prospects. Oteh, Jarvis, Fitz and the Villa lad will all be gone. Is Guthrie out of contract? I believe so. As are Leahy, Devlin and Kinsella, can’t see any of them staying. Edwards, no chance we keep hold of him, he’s a cast iron League One player, as is Cook.

I think the backroom is actually the one positive Keates has brought. Maybe they aren’t the right personel but we’ve had an Amateur non league set up for as long as I can remember. It’s hilarious that people are so appalled by it now when it’s actually the norm at this level.

That leaves a squad of:


???/Cockerill-Mollett (If he ever gets a game)



Oh and some kid called Musa

Not pretty reading.


Backroom staff? Seriously, what have they actually done, apart from claiming a meagre salary?
They have left Keates to hang out to dry on his own.
Perhaps you were being ironic?


I did say maybe not the right personnel (possibly because of that meagre salary). But even so they are acting under Keates direction.
I’m really not sure how they have “hung him out to dry”.


Not exactly eager to help him out on the touchline are they?
Sit there like lemons, what are they actually paid to do? Keates ain’t exactly a forceful character so I doubt they do as they are told like some have made out.


What ever Keates asks them too. Not very often you see a strength and conditioning coach or a scout screaming on the touchline …


I think Cook will stay . The Club also has an option on Edwards which is in the Club’s favour. He may stay too. If they did it would be a start.


They can have all the options they want, clubs will make offers and Bonsor will sell.


So far, contracts for the next season have Cook, Roberts, Ferrier and Candlin. Till 2021 Dobson, Scarr, Norman and Gordon. Musa, Edwards may stay, or may not (clause in contract is always a possibility, not a certainty). Rest can stay, or they can go elsewhere, where grass is greener, alr is milder and water more blue. And of course money is better, but it is really insignificant factor.


I look at Cook’s age and think that he has one big deal left in him. I would be looking to leave.


Why would anyone with a half decent record actually want to stay? What’s here for them that they couldn’t get at any other club, and more?

At least we’ll have Scarr, Norman and Gordan left.


Last night has clearly and understandably blown away what little confidence some of us had, but it’s a fact that we are in League 1 and may still be next season.


Southend wanted Ferrier so that suggests some league one clubs see him as a rough diamond so he’d be off aswell.


What the friggin hell does this lot of clots need with such whimsies.
I’m talking about folk just behind him supposedly giving him advice, not how to skip or what to drink!


That’s my point. You are moaning about people “not helping him on the touchline” when that isn’t their job.


Yes it is, just take a long hard look at other teams benches, the managers sidekicks are up and at 'em, barking instructions or encouragement…our lot just sit like stuffed dummies…like you say it may be the choosing of the personnel that’s at fault.


Or it may be that he says he doesn’t want his assistants doing that.


With players and fans likely to be leaving in droves, I reckon that Saddla and WalsallOne will be asked to turn up with their boots when they collect their season tickets.


Regrettably I am much too old but more than that even in my youth I would not have been good enough!!! More seriously though I think you underestimate the loyalty that many fans still feel towards the team and the Club that bears the name of our Town. The deal is always a good one and it would not surprise me if we sell nearly as many as last year.