Players for League Two


So what should all disillusioned fans like myself do? keep turning up paying a small fortune to watch poor football in the vain hope that the chairman will someday put the team ahead of his profit making machine? i don’t think so.


To be fair, I wrote that in a mad rush in between doing other stuff, and the more I look at it, the less sense it makes. OK? :blush:


No problem my friend.


Why are people choosing players for league 2. We are in league 1. If the players look at this no wonder they dont perform when they are condemned. How would anyone like it if they are continually called crap at work (at best). After a time whats the point in trying when it is never going to be good enough for certain people.


Our manager says we’re relegation favourites.

If I was continually crap at work, I’d expect to be called out as such.


We’re going down. No point worrying about the players’ feelings. That’s reality unless something bizarre happens.


When you’re getting paid 100k a year for not being very good at something, then you should expect that to be made very clear to you.


According to Cook’s pre match WM interview we have plenty of players up for fight. Love to know who they are as I can only think of himself and Kinsella


Rod McDonald and Jonny Keister?


To be honest if this current side had a Viveash and Martin O’Connor in it there would be enough there to be a top half side. I think there is enough ability there just not enough strong characters to kick them up the arse.


I agree on that…we have missed Adam Chambers more than we thought we would.I know we have a small budget but the players we have if well organised are good enough for this league.


No leadership on or off the field.


Devlin for sure, not a great player but always gives 100% imo. Edwards also although injury understandably seems to have taken a bit of edge off his game.

Others like Ismail you really wouldn’t want in a relegation battle.


Each to their own opinion but I don’t see that at all. This team is tat.


I’ve been thinking about this, so I compiled the list of what it would be like if all the loanees went and anyone over 24 whose contract runs out this year went. This isn’t great reading!

  • = contract to be renewed [or not]

Roberts (who will be our longest serving player at 24yo)
Slinn *

Cockerill-Mollett *
Vann *

Kinsella *
Kouyhar *
Sangha *
Hayles-Docherty *
Musa *
Bates (youth)

Cook (will be sold)
Peters *
Parker *
McSkeane (youth)


I think Leahy and Roberts should also be left off the list as their contracts expire this close season(I think).


Liam Roberts is signed up until 2020. Leahy’s is up though.


Thanks…I wasn’t sure.


I understood they were both signed until 2020.


Leahy turned his deal down/wasn’t offered one in the first place depending on who you believe (rumour mill vs Keates)