Playing Budgets


Wow! Just wow!

Bradford’s playing budget was £4.1 mill last season 4th highest in the league and still got relegated!!

Not quite sure what ours was last season, but A Stanley chairman said that theirs was £1.2 mill and i’d guess that ours was around theirs, if not lower.

Have a read of this and how transparent the bottom team in league one is when it comes down to the financials of their club.

DC has a MASSIVE job on his hands…and i think it highlights even more how much our club is out of touch in current times in terms of budget. On the flip side though, i’m glad we’re not in the financial state of a lot of the clubs at the moment. We just want more transparency, don’t we?
Oh and an extra £440 k in the playing budget :rofl:



Cue people using this as a defence of JB and an attack on ex-managers.

There are anomalies at both ends of the “budget” spectrum. The crave for a higher budget is a call for the club to be giving the manager the best chance at succeeding, not to guarantee success.



It’s not so much about playing budgets,it’s more about who you entrust your playing budget with.I can’t understand how Gary Bowyer has kept his job after being relegated with such a substantial budget.



And they will spend it again next year



It’s like pouring money down a hole in the ground if the budget is in the wrong hands.



They didn’t employ him until March to be fair. Worked wonders at Blackpool to get them promoted from League Two, excellent appointment imo.



So Bowyer has a £2.4m budget for League 2. He currently has £1.4m on the books - surely they have a budget which should walk League 2?

Given our playing budget was around £1.8m last term - I would imagine Clarke will have around £1.5m this term - £900k less than Bradford.

If only we had a spare £450k knocking around somewhere to get close to Bradfords budget :upside_down_face: