Plymouth Argyle (A) Tues 22nd Jan, 7.45pm


We’ve won what… Two games in last fourteen?


Argyle yellow card, 89 min

Attendance on a miserably cold wet night … 8,446


Yes it was a better than expected start but the wins did come v likes of Gillingham, Wimbledon and Rochdale. Even early on in the season the team were comfortably beaten against anyone good.

Team is just in inconsistant mid table/relegation fight with 15 other clubs at this level. Didn’t someone say a win tonight and team goes level with Blackpool who were 8th at kick off? That shows you there’s not much between 2/3 of the teams at this level.


Not saying it’s good but any team in mid table has that sort of run during a season as typically you only win 15 or so games so 30 games you don’t win over a season…

Were you asleep during 4 of the Dean Smith seasons…:wink:


Bit of an isolated area but Plymouth have great support. Would get 10k + no problem if the reach the championship again.


A narrow defeat against an in form team. Hopefully another forward will come in before our next match a week on Saturday. Not the end of the world folks…UTS


Really starting to dislike leahy as a footballer. Alot of the time he hoofs it and gives away possession. Roberts kicking is woeful and clearly only has 1 foot. And Dobson just seems to be going backwards very quickly


Bit of a crap result. Didn’t play awful but toothless for most of it.

Two pieces of awful defending from set pieces - and bad decision making again in the build up to both goals.


Psh!! You win some, you lose some. Shame, thought we made some good chances.

Team’s not looking like a league two outfit.


For me you have to question Roberts on the 1st goal. 5 yards out and he should be claiming the cross.


One thing that should be considered. Teams like Bradford and Bristol Rovers have been on amazing runs recently (winning 3-4 in a row) and just seen the table and they’re still at least 7 points off WFC.

Wimbledon too far adrift now.

I’d have taken two draws at 2pm on Saturday so 3 points and the GD being improved isn’t too bad. Secure 4 points from next two home games and things looking comfortable again.

It would be nice for team to have a good run at some stage in the run in and push on past 60 points. Wouldn’t be much progress if the team just squeaks past 50 again so that’s one thing I will be judging DK on.


Not despondent at all with the performance. We might bemoan the two set piece goals but had we scored them we would be congratulating the delivery. Had enough chances to take a point against a decent side, but didn’t get the break we needed and Cook missed a sitter.

Great goal though.



To concede from two set pieces is bad. But when the first one is exactly the same as the goal they scored at our place earlier in the season you do have to question the preparation. Ryan Edwards has scored three goals this season. Two of those close range shots following a far post free kick. Both against us. Don’t know whether it is the coaching staff or the players, but it isn’t very professional.

There was at least a point there with a bit more preparation/concentration.

Ah well - three points from those two games is decent.


Yeah frustrating but confident we will stop up this year. Deano should be judged from the start of next year . Just be patient he will get it right. UTS



GREAT goal from cookie . He will be devastated with the sitter he missed though.


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If that had been scored against us, just imagine the comments about the defence…


Disappointing but sounds (and looks) like it really could have gone either way. Two very poor goals to give away and we simply missed our good chances (although their goalie made a couple of very good/lucky saves, too).
Ah, well. That’s Worsul for you.


It wasn’t that easy. WM made it sound like he standing on the goalline like at Gillingham!

Dribble was Messi-esque.