Police investigation

Ref police investigation

Issa are fully aware of the police and fa investigation to alleged racial abuse of. Players family members during saturdays game

We have already made. Our observations and those of some. Of the people who travelled with us on Saturday who witnessed the. Incident. to Walsall football club and the police

We would point out that at this stage it’s only allegations. And it’s unfair on those involved. To have. There names publicly branded about. And be subject. To what is as yet. Unproven allegations , And such speculation could infact hinder the relevant bodies. Investigation into the incident

We would also point out that. No one who travelled with Issa. On our coach on Saturday. is subject to or part of any investigation whatsoever

Issa absolutely condemn any sort of behaviour that. Brings the name of our club and it’s fanbase into disrepute and if anyone. Is proven to have. Been involved. In such behaviour after the relevant. Investigations have been. Completed. And they where. Found to be an issa. Member Then there Issa membership. Would be immediately cancelled down

Again we stress at this point in time the key word. Is alleged so. Let’s all. Let the relevant authorities do there job and I’m sure. If any one is found guilty of such. Actions then Walsall football club and the police will deal with those responsible accordingly

Have saw a lot of. Posts on social media. Of people pointing the finger at those who use. The unofficial. Travel provided by various people to get saddler fans up and down the country , Aportioning blame

this in my opinion is. Unfair. On the lads and lasses. Who. Spend hours. Organising and sorting it for fans And making it easier to get as many fans as possible to the away games.

In our case we are a fully. Affiliated member fan group of the fsa
And we conform to all rules and regulations asked of us by the West Midlands police football intelligence Unit. And conform to al, the rules. Laid down by the traffic. Commissioner

Issa. Hope. That if. Proved to be true Then the family’s concerned understand. That. The. actions of a few. Are. No way a true reflection of the true face of Walsall, football club And that the family’s concerned are as much as a fan as everyone of us and welcomed. Into the saddler family


Well said Ollie :+1:


Well said. Organising unofficial travel to away games is hugely important in terms of boosting the numbers of Saddlers who can go away. It is also a massive ball ache in terms of organisation and I imagine ISSA and Locko spend a lot of time tearing their hair out with cancellations, collecting money, liasing with Police and opposition clubs and finding and booking a suitable place for refreshments on the way etc. Keep up the great work lads and lasses!


agreed, if it wasnt for those two and others then i think our away support would be significantly reduced with a lack of convenient and affordable options available to some.


Well said @Dhforever everything that needs to be said on the subject is contained therein