Poll: How's DK doing as manager?

  • Totally support him
  • He’s got some stuff to prove
  • Disappointed to date
  • Get rid

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Vote now and let’s see who thinks what!


Ee’s gorra gew, Franksy, no goals and no points this season. T’ay good enough.


I don’t care who the manager is, every manager has to prove themselves just like any other job


Way way to early yet. I’ll wait till the squad is complete first.


This poll should really come out at Christmas. Too early to tell yet. But I do support him.


I’m backing him, he doesn’t get a blank cheque of support, but there are more long term and damaging issues at Walsall that are very little to do with whoever manages the playing staff.


Every new manager has"something to prove." I voted “totally back” because,at the moment,I don’t think the something is bigger than when he took over.


Don’t really like this format on poll’s, everybody knows how each individual voted. This aspect should be veiled.
Somewhat disappointed with his and the clubs response to the media during this appalling no show on signings.
We start the season virtually with a team (minus our saviour) that squeezed away from relegation last season, boy, that will get the crowds flooding back to the Bank’s. Another ‘Bury’ on Saturday I fear.


Let’s hope you’re not saying that at the end of August!


Given this morning’s events, should we now have a second vote?:innocent:


Some of us got it right first time.


We did, didn’t we?


No. The first vote was the will of the people. Traitor :laughing:


Stand by my vote. Unless you bring success every manager has to prove themselves regardless of their status within the club.


Any vote for the first two options is sensible, the third is way too premature and the 4th is simply ridiculous.


After the first match and the recent activity i would not hesitate to move my vote to totally support :ok_hand:


I don’t honestly know why you wouldn’t support him anyway - at least until Christmas.


I didn’t say that i wouldn’t support him, the choices were totaly support him or he still has something to prove, which is the one i chose, i was a little hesitant because of the lack of transfer activity pre season, now that i have seen the business that has been done i have changed my vote to totaly support, hope that explains :wink:


I think DK has proved he is more astute in the transfer market than DS. He has added players that their previous teams are actually reluctant to lose, in the case of Gordon Leicester fans are completely shocked at his sale. DS either signed unknowns on 1 year deals or got decent u23’s from WBA as has DK. My point is DK has not just signed players, he has invested in talent that will turn a proffit. He understands we are a selling club and if we can get them playing right we will reap the benefits in both performance and ££. I really hope he does well, he’s definitely inspired me to turn up!


It does. :grinning:

I must admit that I was a bit worried, especiallyin the days just before the season started, but I didn’t know what was going behind the scenes (and neither does anybody else on UTS if the truth be known). The way I see it, is that it might have been the same for any manager in DK’s position, given the short time he had been in charge, But this is Dean Keates and he is Walsall born and bred with some success as a manager. Given the constraints at Walsall and his plan of action, I was convinced and therefore supported him. Yes, I had doubts but it didn’t seem to be his fault.

And now I think we will do well and I am mildly excited - which hasn’t happened for a while.