Pomlett, where’s your podcast now? We want answers, let’s hear your deluded ramblings on why we are going into non-league.

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Yeah, come on Pomlett. I want to hear you smarm your way put of this situation.

What shite you gonna come up this time? Youll havr to work hard to beat the delusional “we’re gonna give it a right good go”.

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Back off.


Come on now, that’s not the right character is it?

No more Pomcasts heard enough lies and nonsense from the bloke already

No thanks, he’ll probably just gob off about the fans again.

Crook, conman or absolutely out of his tiny mind.

Some of the cack this man has spouted this year is unforgivable. Was even still at it last weekend.

Actually prefer silence to his insane ramblings

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Get Fullarton on to face the music as well. With his smug grin saying he has players lined up if any leave, all his ducks are in a row and any other bollocks he came out with.

There isn’t one person at the club that you would trust to keep your goldfish alive while you were on a weekend away.


Have they been answered though?

No they’ve probably all be redacted…

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Think of all the great stories Pomlett will have to tell his grandchilden, about the time he led the demise of a town’s football club, becuase he hadn’t got thd balls to stand up to the people around him.
Pomletts two sons are allegedly Walsall supporters, you think they would be able to man up and point out how daddy is destroying a once proud football club.

Obviously the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree by the looks of it.

What are you expecting, Pomlett sitting in front of the camera,a broken man,being held up by two male nurses as he weeps uncontrollably into a Kleenex as he is officially put on a 24hr suicide watch. Or do you expect him to try and put a positive spin on what is a dire situation, my vote goes on the positive spin.

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Pomlett simply has no bollocks whatsoever and obviously has no shame.
Hopefully Saturday him and the rest of the clowns will feel extremely uncomfortable.


No I expect him to grow a pair, sack the clowns that are responsible for this club nosediving into nonleague, and then advise us of this.

Couldn’t care less about his demeanor or whether he requires medical aid, I want some action instead of hot air and quite frankly, cloud cuckoo land garbage about promotion and how good our CEOs are.


I think we need JB back. He was always open and interactive, oh no, that’s Pomlett isn’t it. You’re dammed if you do and dammed if you don’t :wink:

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Are you serious?? What the hell does a video matter when you’re going to be in nonleague football next year?

Regular videos, containing meaningful forward plans, how we are going to achieve them, and some tangible targets (you know, like most businesses) would have been great. Unfortunately, LP is either a conman fleecing our loyalty, totally and utterly out of his depth, or insane. You choose - but a video of total nonsense every few months makes not one iota of difference.

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I seem to remember that the fact that JB never interacted with the fans was a massive issue at the time, now you’ve got it with Pomlett you’re not happy and want to spit your dummy out.

Your embarrassing yourself mate.

You after a place on the board, seems your well qualified