Now look what you’ve done You’ve hurt my feelings now .:joy:

All I’m saying is that you wanted the chairman to be more open with the fans, but you don’t like what he’s got to say now. The bloke is going to try and give a positive message what do you expect him to do ffs?

Errr. What about making the changes required with 17 games to go to at least give us a fighting chance of preserving our football league status.
Only a suggestion but what about a coach/ manager that could somehow organise this rabble into winning a few games of football at a dire level of the game?

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ACT. Like a boss is supposed to.

You’re right pal, let’s use the reserve fund to pay off all the coaching staff, manager,assistant manager and Fullerton and then we can splash some more money on staff to replace them. I’m sensing that Your Mrs doesn’t trust you to go shopping on your own does she? :grinning:

Trolling of the highest order.

Do you even care we are going out of the league.

What a clown haha. Enjoy the next Pomcast

Yes I do care deeply, but if you just take a peep at the top of the page, this thread is all about Pomlett’s pod casts.

And you have the audacity to continually accuse El Nombre of trolling :joy: :+1:

He goes to the games and cares for the cause at least, rather than just looking for a reaction. You got me tbf, so well done you! Typical straw man stance - your talking garbage.

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I’ve never accused @el_nombre of trolling, don’t know where you’ve got that little gem from :grinning:

It’s my opinion,deal with it. I thought that UTS was all about people airing their views. Well that’s my view on this particular subject.

Personally I think the Pomcasts are better than nothing and hope they continue, even if the tone has changed somewhat.

However, when they are basically the only positive you can take from his ownership it’s not a good sign!


You forget its not been a bad week so far.

Spin the positive

They are pointless. There is no substance to any of his videos, merely a platform to beg for our hard earned money doing the pandemic.

One recent example - Freehold ownership/ stadium move comments from most recent video. ‘Not part of my plans, some people think it would be a good idea, I don’t!’ Thats fine but why don’t you think it would be a good idea?! It is a secret?! Tell us!


Back off!

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Well at least you know it’s not part of his plans. The fact that you don’t like what he said is irrelevant.

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Who said I don’t like what he said?

That’s hardly positive is it?

Please forgive me for not being overly positive right now! :rofl::rofl:

Join the club…:grinning:

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The role of manager at Walsall FC is “an attractive job” according to Pomlett.

Nosediving out of the football league, a £500k lead weight around us, run by a closed shop boys club board of untouchable and unaccountable executives who have presided over a decade and a half of decline with impunity, with an unbalanced squad of sub-4th division quality players collected together by an alleged bully playing in a two thirds empty stadium

Yeah who wouldn’t want that