Pomlett and his impact :-(


Since Pomlett took over from Bonser in the summer of 2019 it seems to have coincided with the most unsuccessful and unhappy period for WFC in living memory.

Does anyone have some stats to show how poor we have been under Pomlett?

How many games have we played and won since Pomlett took over?
What is our average points per league game?..and is it one of the lowest in professional football in England during his stewardship ?


Ask @CompletelySaddled fir Stats and facts. Only deals in them.

Don’t be stupid.

You know I don’t ONLY deal in them.

You may not like or agree with my opinions, that’s entirely up to you but don’t pretend I don’t have one.

Last night you said something along the lines of my post was “just one of my opinions” :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: make your mind up


Its been a calamity. An absolute calamity.

We can harp on about Bonser and the damage he did as much as we like, and I despised him for what he did, especially at the end, but we saw some players pull on the shirt for our club that wouldnt play for a Pomlette or Trivela owned Walsall FC if they owned the club for 70 years.

I have been so fortunate to have enjoyed some of those times. Especially under Graydon. In our current guise, I just don’t see how this would ever happen again.

Don’t get me wrong, the collapse we are witnessing is as much at the hands of Jeff as Pomlette and Trivela, but at the same time we cannot ignore we competed in the second tier of English professional football while he was our chairman.


A very quick tally up from my wee spreadsheet, apologies if any glaring errors



Just a transitional bagman for Bonser is Mr P. Bonsers legalised theft of the ground has cut the guts out of the club


He has put the fear of god into the Villa, Wolves and the Baggies if that helps

All their supporters, staff, players and owners have over run the NHS with PPSD ( Post Pombear Stress Disorder ) coupled with a considerble rise in suicide rates among the same demographic

Other than that he is a waste of good oxygen

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It’s laughable that Pomlett is taking the blame for this season. MS is absolutely Boycott and Trivela’s man.


Lump on 56 points


In my opinion Bonser ran the club down and relegated us leaving us in a shocking position. Pomlett was well intentioned but completely out his depth. Trivia don’t seem to know what they are doing and their summer project seems to be a disaster. I do appreciate them sorting the ground out so we own it though.

We’re going to need an upturn in fortunes to get to the giddy heights of 56 points, currently we’re on track for 51.

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Pomlett has been silent ( no fireside chats) since he sold the majority of his shares to Boycott.
Got to give him credit for choosing Trivela and reuniting the club with the freehold, they had a five year plan and got it done in less than two.
I think we’ll see LP step away as cochairman and resign from the board to enjoy his retirement. His job is done at Walsall FC. Thank you, Leigh.


Would be nice to know what his actual role is now.

Someone must be running things day to day for the Yanks is it Pomser or Gamble?

Depressing numbers

We shouldn’t appreciate anything until we know the terms of that agreement. If you want you can buy my house?I’ll give you the mortgage and I’ll let you know the length in the future just keep paying yearly.


Agreed… It’s very easy to borrow money with the tenant paying high rent along with the land value.


Co-chairman and mentor.

When handing over he gave a set period of time he was apparently going to remain. Can’t remember if it was 2 or 5 years?

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It was 4. No idea why 4 but that is what he said.

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Pomlett and Trivela have made mistakes but I think they need to be criticised on their own terms and not compared to previous years. The club that Bonser handed over was not the same as the club that achieved the success. We were already on a downward spiral, which is why the leech took the opportunity to get out when he did. He’s gone off into the sunset with millions and left others to pick up the pieces.