Pomlett and what he has done for the club

Yep, cos when you’re struggling to keep the club afloat due to having your income streams cut off you’re going to find a few million down the sofa to fund a freehold purchase!

FFS :man_facepalming:


Bloody hell, if only LP knew that getting on YouTube to say ‘the update on the freehold is that there is no update cos of y’know, a global pandemic’ was the difference between doing nothing and doing a good job :joy::joy::man_facepalming:


I don’t think the situation can quite be simplified to the extent of “it’s the same for everyone”. Covid restrictions did not hit at the same point of every club’s arc.

Cheltenham, for example, entered the first lockdown with a longer period of continuity behind them than we had, in terms of squad and backroom staff. The restrictions hit at the two-thirds point of a season where we had the largest turnover of players in the country. What comes with that territory is several new players- James Clarke and Stuart Sinclair being the most prominent- coming in with contracts exceeding one year.

What Pomlett has done is backed his manager to go out and get the aforementioned players, Guthrie, Holden, Adebayo, Sadler, and others. Those players whose contracts were renewed were done so at the height of Covid, and following a spell where our trajectory appeared to be pointing upward. I think we were fairly unanimous on here during the summer that it was not the time for wholesale changes. Is Pomlett supposed to have thought and insisted differently at that point?

The myriad things about the playing side of the club that we struggle to understand- the team selections, tactical changes, and perhaps the level of contribution from a particular player or two- are not things that can be laid at the owner and chairman’s door. If the wage budget is stretched to the limit by retaining the bulk of last season’s squad, that cannot be magically remedied by shipping players we deem surplus off the wage bill- for starters, in the midst of a pandemic, who is going to take them, and pay them?

Another manager may, conceivably, get more out of this group of players, but just perhaps the lack of income makes replacing the manager- 15 or so months of his contract remaining- an expense we can ill afford. What if we took the financial hit in the middle of a pandemic, and performances didn’t improve? As the old adage goes, when you’re in a hole, you stop digging.

No-one was saying sack Clarke or calling for a squad overhaul between the Exeter game in March, and Grimsby in September. Other clubs had the comparative (with the benefit of hindsight) luxury of having adjustments to make around this time. Plans centred on crowds being back around October. Everyone’s current situation is result of an interaction between the effects the pandemic, and where they individually stood in relation to their targets and aspirations when the pandemic hit. Not every club was at the same point of the journey.

Pomlett can hardly do anything about the matchday experience while there are no crowds coming in, or whatever-the-fluff, and he’s hardly to blame for things looking at their shakiest on the pitch when we were 9-10 months deep into the financial implications of the pandemic, given that all seemed to be moving in the right direction just before it started. I’m really not sure what the bloke is supposed to be doing differently.


1 Bought the club.
2 Appointed current manager.
3 I seen WFC game in Poland (I know, very personal experience, but connected to the topic).
4 Club still exists in pandemic times.
5 And there is still chance for promotion. Someone has to this season.

Of course some things could be done differently, but that’s normal for all clubs. So, in summary, not that much, right :wink:


You’ve touched on it here, DC is letting LP down and in the process frustrating the fans.

3/4 more wins and everything would be rosey.

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Bonsors mate in criticise Pomlett shocker.


Decision making for almost a year though I don’t want to go overboard with criticism of him now isn’t the time but I know a few people who deal with the club on a regular basis and they aren’t convinced either I’m not going to argue with you either mate your one of the better posters on here and I respect your opinion.

I hate to agree with the leech but when stuff like this is posted I’m beginning to agree that some of our fans are divorced from financial reality. :roll_eyes:


I think its unfair to judge pomlett this early in his reign, especially with the pandemic chucked into the mix.
Time to judge will be when we get a significant cash windfall from a transfer or from a rico henry clause. But he is listening to the fans and looking to make improvements, I honestly don’t think he is looking to make money out the club and that he has the best interests of the club at heart. And as much as people hate to admit it he has rid us of the cretin bonser. Yeah I know! he is still our landlord but pomlett has said he’s aiming to re unite the stadium back to the club given time.


For the club to move forward it needs to stabilise first, I think people have forgot just how bad things was before he took over.


Why don’t you ask your mate Jeff if he fancies letting go of the freehold?

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My only disappointment is that after a good start, the communications and engagement seem to have faltered a little.

I’m sure he has enough ■■■■ to deal with without us lot giving him grief and hopefully when this ■■■■■■■■ is over we will see what he is all about.

Wrong. Some clubs have more cash than others.


The question we should really ask is, who would you rather have in charge through this pandemic? Bonser or Pomlett?
At least Pomlett is keeping us updating about the finances etc.
Bonser would have just hidden in his Cyprus villa and waited for it to all blow over.
I trust Pomlett, he has the club’s best interests at heart.


Is this still the case? Not seen owt for a while but maybe I’ve missed it. I tend to rely on things being posted on here as I’m an exile.

start of January I think mate seem to remember him. Wishing us happy new year.

Cheers :+1:
I missed that. Do you know if there is a link?

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Cheers Peel :+1:

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Mr. Pomlett has been a director since 2010 so I assume he has gathered enough information to know how things are behind the scenes and despite this he’s used his money to buy the majority shareholding. He’s the only owner I can recall who has not used, or sought to use, his ownership to take advantage of that position for his own benefit and, he has indeed, in DanG’s words taken on a tough gig here, not least because of the fan-base’ expectations following Bonser’s ownership coming to an end.
The club faces a very uncertain situation in terms of income even when it is possible to attend Bescot - either for matches or non-football functions. How many fans will be content to watch remotely or will have given up on us altogether and will the non-football income streams be diminished permanently?