Pomlett bashing

I really don’t get all the Pomlett bashing.
What do you expect him to do with virtually no money coming into the club?
It’s the same for every business. You have to cut your cloth accordingly.
Every pub, shop, hairdresser etc are in exactly the same situation. If there’s no money coming in, cuts have to be made. Simple as that.
And before we all start ‘but we have to pay rent’ etc, so does every other business.
Give the guy a break. He’s doing his best to keep the club afloat.

I’d rather us suffer a couple of seasons in League 2, and still have a club, than spend money we don’t have and the club go bust.

Just ask fans of Bury which option they’d choose!


Ok Jeff


Thanks for the info Jeff or Steff or Dan.

I don’t think anyone is asking for money we don’t have to be spent.

I don’t think it’s just bashing - I see it as constructive criticism.

We are 16th in League Two with several recently non league teams clearly above us.



To be fair a lot of it is just asking questions, some of it is daft, it always is. Unfortunately, everyone who dare criticise or show concern gets lumped with the same daft people.

I have respect for Leigh taking this task on, taking the club out of Jeff’s hands, I totally get how difficult this period is to manage, but I do think most of the questioning is reasonable.

Also about the Bury thing, there are more than just the two options of being 16th/17th in League Two or ‘doing a Bury’.


A bit rich coming from the fella that started the Liam Roberts bashing thread :joy:


I don’t think it’s a question of Pomlett bashing.

More a case of incredible frustration from most that the club currently is spiralling apparently out of control into oblivion.


I don’t see a lot of ‘bashing’ if I’m being honest. The vast majority of supporters have been and continue to be very (almost overly) supportive.

Fans are frustrated and asking very legitimate questions. No issues with that.


How many customers of other businesses left there money in?


I support Pomlett 110%

But as a Supporter (and Customer) i’ve got the right to Question whats going on.

My biggest gripe has been the lack of investment in the football infrastructure. Everyone keeps asking wheres the money coming from for Director of Football or Chief Scout but its something i’d like the Football Club to answer or consider.

They seem to have the Supporters Groups on side during the Working Party meetings.

Nobody has bad intentions with regards to WFC. I don’t believe Bonser had bad intentions for WFC. But certain aspects of the Club can be neglected. At the moment under our Current Chairman it has been the Football Team that goes out and plays for three points.


I think a lot of it is pent-up anger at the fact that barring the Smith era the club hasn’t had a discernable long term plan or strategy for probably 15 years. We just exist. No identity, no style. We’ve just existed, particularly since the end of 2015/16. The stagnation we all felt in League 1 has morphed into full-on rot.

There’s an apathy behind this decay. The ship was sinking because of the actions, or inactions, of those on the bridge long before Leigh took over. There’s so much that needs doing, a total reset. I’d say it’s overwhelming at the moment. The National League looks very much on the cards, I’m sorry to say. If not this season but very soon. But I don’t think the blame lies at Pomlett’s door for that. The terrible decision making was going on long before, and there are one or two who were part of that who inexplicably remain at the club.


Nothing wrong with criticising Pomlett as he’s made mistakes and so it’s fair game. Needs to be constructive though. He took over a club that was (and is still) being fed on by a parasite and then gets hit with an unprecedented global pandemic.

If we go down it will be far too easy to blame Pomlett. As others have said the rot set in years ago.


Spot on matey :+1:

Maybe if he had got some of his own men in to support him in boardroom then perhaps he wouldn’t receive such criticism. It’s still the same old stooges in the background like Mole and Gamble stealing a living and doing precious little else to justify it. The stench of Bonser just lingers around and until the penny pinching stops and investment is made in the first team he will continue to get criticism. There is little movement now to get next managerial appointment right and if it does go pear shaped we will be non league without doubt. Had we shown some ambition we could have had Keith Hill as Manager and look what he has done for Tranmere. Penny pinching and appointing the last clown and now Dutton will cost more in the long run than getting a proven manager and giving him a decent budget.



Current structure is already too top heavy. Not convinced there is a need for a Director of Football.

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Also, let’s not forget Pomlett Gamble and Mole have been complicit in the failings for the last ten years.

They’re not immune from criticism.


No sure I’ve seen or heard much ‘Pomlett Bashing’, in fact on the contrary there’s been decent support for our new chairman. Most recently with the decision to sell two soon to be out of contract players.

But I have heard a lot of questions & opinions and most of these need answering & publicly discussing by the club. Particularly given our current form & league position.

If they aren’t, apathy & disenfranchisement will strengthen & the clubs position will worsen. It needs it supporters more than ever, it’s time to seriously connect with us, be honest about our finances, the rent, the plan for a brighter future.

I do not believe any real Walsall fan expects Pomlett to spend money he hasn’t got or put the club into significant debt. We are in the main a very realistic fan base; but we do need to understand the situation, the plan for the future & have some hope, for sustainable top ten league one football & some entertainment.

It’s clearly not easy in the current climate, but we are staring non league football in the face. If not this season, very probably next & i for one will continue to ask what the plan is to avoid this & question the board, which as hasn’t changed in around 15 years & still has Bonser circling the board room table.

That isn’t Pomlett Bashing. That’s genuine concern for a club I have cared deeply for, for over 45 years & if this continues, may lose me, along with many many others.


If people want specific questions asked them the option is there:


Fill your boots!!