Pomlett On Local Clubs

Sawyers and Mantom also

Goodwill continued for the next few seasons aswell. Likes of Tyler Roberts, Agyei, Jason McCarthy, Fitzwater and Dobson all came from prem/top end cha,pionship clubs and were seen as good prospects and a few of them gone on to have good careers, all signed with Whitney in charge.

Think it went wrong in the Keates 12 months. Ronan and Johnson barely played and Corey Taylor-Blackett proved a decent player at this level and higher but again played a few games before falling out of favour so eventually parent clubs will take note and choose a more advanced club at this level.

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Who was that lad we signed on loan from Wolves in, maybe, 2017? Will Rankine/Randall/Randolph, something like that. He played for someone against us this season or last season. Anyhow, he was a winger, but we didn’t really play with wingers, so it was another pointless signing to just make up the numbers. Made a couple of sub appearances I think.

Will Randall, came on loan in Jan 2017, played for Sutton against us.


Rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic I fear.

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Close links with Villa. Expect Matt Targett on loan then. Recent performances have been about at our level​:rofl::rofl: