Pomlett on new season ticket offer


Kinda like him but this comes across a bit like begging for fans or the budget will be poor again is that just me that reads it that way? I wouldn’t have a problem with it if they just came out and said it’s made things financially difficult getting the club from Bonsers grasp and we need a few years to recover but they spoke about pushing for promotion this season the way they keep mentioning attendance in relation to the playing budget worries me a little.


Of course attendance affects the playing budget. If the incoming is down then the budget is lower.
The problem is the budget has always been low so it was like this when Bonser was in charge. Of course there were times during Bonser’s reign that we found some good players despite not having much money to spend. A lot of our income also seemed to disappear into the ether. I’d hope going forward the club is a little more open about what happens to any windfalls we may get.

That does not really explain this current season then Steve.
Our manager tells us we can’t compete with the top 10, yet our attendances are higher than a lot of those teams.


Most of them, like Bury did for many many years, spend money they do not have to achieve their relative success.
Though I choke when I say this, we are still ‘a well run club’ inasmuch as we do not spend what we haven’t got. (not that we ever spend anything on playing staff!)
A few years back most of us watched open mouthed as Bury’s
amazing array of Championship forwards tore us a new one,
whilst their average gates were around 2/3k every fortnight, the sums didn’t add up!
I doubt that with Clarke (our season is already over, the lads are only playing for a contract renewal) at the helm, we will never achieve a degree of success that will bring back 5k home supporters to the Bescot. Though they ARE out there, who would want to come to a ground to see their team lose constantly, amid second rate facilities.

Or maybe we just use the money we’re saving on rent now bonsor gone? Oh wait a minute :roll_eyes: pull another one pomlett.

He seems down to earth when you hear him speak. He/they are trying.

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Great to have chairman that will communicate with us at least.
I think personally after the season we have had and the poor football on display in this league if we get 2000 + season ticket sales next season it will be progress having not taken advantage of the opportunity and optimism from the takeover.


It’s a good offer but I do think he has questions to answer re finances. What he is saying makes total sense: more attendance = more money = more chance of competing.

But we all know the reality of the situation. We are not regularly going to get 5K in league two. We are probably not going to surpass the sales needed to trigger this offer.

What’s more, he knows that.

What I don’t know is why it is so imperative. Yeah it would be nice, yeah it would mean more budget but are the financial constraints around the club really that bad? Haven’t we been, in his words, “well run” for the past 25 years?

During that time we have played 96% of our football at a higher level than the one we are at now. During 100% of that time we have still had to pay Bonser rent. We have still had big neighbours on our doorstep. We have still had a team worth going to see (for the most part) and competed at a higher level.

Are things really that tight that we can’t afford a L2 standard right winger or in our own managers words can’t compete with the top 10 in this league?

I’m sure he’s a lovely guy and some people take this as sacrilege, so I won’t go on before I get sanctioned by mods for giving my opinion but I do find some of what he says worrying.


I’m guessing that in previous seasons no money has been put aside towards the freehold as Bonser never had any motivation to reunite the freehold with the club. Now Pomlett is required to do this he is having to operate on a lower budget.

Therefore in order to compete at this level and put money aside towards the freehold he would require more bums on seats and more spent around the club on match days.

If that’s the case, say it. Instead of talking about promotion because if we are doing that it’s not a realistic possibility in my opinion.

As I said, we all know and so does he that 5K is not achievable for us on a regular basis at this level. Not to mention the “rearrangement” of funding between playing budget and “infrastructure” at the start of the season.


My interpretation is different to some of the above. Is he not saying that if we have 5000 or 3000 the revenue (and by implication the playing budget) will be the same because of the discount? It is to me at least an attempt mainly to boost supporter numbers rather than budget. (although getting very close to a discount trigger without achieving if, for example 2999 would indeed boost the budget I don’t think that is the aim). The numbers are challenging but I think it is a well meaning attempt to rebuild our club after 20 odd years of stagnation. I hope the scheme is successful.


That’s what I had too.

Maybe those teams are spending outside their means? And most probably aren’t having to pay almost half a million in rent every season?

Pomlett seemed to think we actually pay less than most other clubs in rent at the start of the season to be fair.

Probably so. But those paying bigger rents likely have bigger fan bases in bigger stadiums.
And some won’t be paying rent at all because they own their grounds.

I believe he said at our level not necessarily bigger clubs but I might be wrong on that. I can’t remember the quote.

He said Accrington was prime example of a club paying more rent than us with the same kid of numbers. in the ground.

None of us care about the money back its just the missed opportunity this season but i guess that was always going too be the case.

Fair play too LP for coming out saying his thought on the process, Its another step in right direction from the club, Maybe wont help this season, but if we do well next then who knows how that scheme could come into play.

He refers to Bradford City. When they slid down the leagues into the 4th tier in 2007, they dropped season ticket prices to £99. It was quite a radical move at the time but helped them secure a robust number of season ticket holders.


Like I’ve said previously, I applaud the club for the latest offer but one quote from this article had me thinking

“Because of the reduced prices Bradford are not making two or three times as much money as their rivals. Roughly speaking, they have dropped their prices by half and gained twice as many supporters, so income-wise they are little better off.”

So at this point with 12k season ticket sales, they we’re making only a little more than their league rivals due to the ST price - however this doesn’t take into consideration that that’s twice as many punters spending money in the stadium, so clearly they’ll be raking in a lot more than anyone else (even more so now with ST sales at around 18k)

This made me think, instead of the £30 reduction at 3k and £50 at 3.5k etc, why didn’t we make the offer of; if we can double our ST purchases, everyone gets half of their ticket refunded - this would leave us no worse off than the previous year and with a lot more people in the ground buying drinks/food and making a better atmosphere