Pomlett or Bonser?

Are things really that different or any better than they were under Bonser? And trust me I couldnt stand the bloke so this isn’t intended to defend him either.

Surely every Walsall fan would rather Pomlett. You might not like what he says, or think it’s all talk but it’s something to give fans some sort of insight into decision making most of the time, it’s also something to hold him and the club to account on which is far better than silence.


ABB for me.

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Neither :frowning:


Neither. Ones just a better dressed version than the other.


LP for me. He is manfully trying to undo the conundrum caused by JB of how the Club can regain the freehold. I would have thought everyone would back him on that. I write this as someone who recognises that underJB we had some of our best seasons in my lifetime. The Nicholl, Graydon, Lee years gave us some of the best football I have seen from Walsall teams and players of real skill and ability.


Maybe a poll would be useful?

He will never regain the freehold

reason being It’s impossible to purchase something that’s not for. sale.


You mean one has his hand up the others back? we may as well call them Harry corbett and Sooty :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


You mean the conundrum he was part of for 12 years or so, and also the majority of the current board/club management were part of?

Let’s not forget the Jeff did not allow just anyone onto the board, they had to be close associates, which tells you everything you need to know.


Oh look, walsall fans plummet to new depths…and will then act with horrified surprise when they get what they deserve.

Pomlett is a walsall fan. His father was a walsall fan. As far as I am aware, he has put money into the club and yet receives no financial income from the club or its assets. He took over during a period of drastic decline of the club, against a backdrop of more and more clubs attracting rich backers. And then covid hit.

And you’re comparing him with a man who, through whatever story you want to believe, got himself a £400k+ per annum boost to his pension scheme?

Now, if the question was rephrased to be “was the football better under Bonser than Pomlett”, that would be a different matter and involve a whole discussion about the way that football has changed and, yes, the way that bonser managed the day to day very well through some of that period, whilst continuing to pocket the rent.

But really? Bonser or Pomlett?!? One was responsible for getting us into this mess. One is trying his best to get us out, although it might not (he might not?) be good enough.



Spot on WalsallOne

I consider myself to be a fairly switched on bloke, I would hate to find out eventually that LP is just a Bonser stooge - that is never the feeling I got and still it isn’t what I beleive.

I just feel the bloke doesn’t have the nouse or cut throat streak to run a football club. I understand the questions people are asking, because if an outsider had come in, there would have been a fire-sale clear out in the board room. You would feel the change, the switch in mood, the change in culture.

All we have got is continuation. So who can blame anyone for asking the question? LP has either taken a great opportunity and really naused it up so far, which is what I think; but the only other plausible explanation to how things are being run, is that Bonser does retain links.


But even 12 years was long after the freehold went to the Bonsers. Elsewhere today I have been called naive but LP has told us more than once he intends to get the freehold back to the Club .He is either lying in which case he is as bad as Bonser or he isn’t. Until it can be proved he is a liar I am prepared to give him my support.


This says a lot, but it doesn’t say everything. Does the better football completely absolve Bonser? No, obviously it doesn’t. It would be nice if Pomlett achieved something other than “not being Jeff Bonser” at some point in three years though. So it’s Pomlett just, and I mean barest of margins. I find it quite cute that some have fallen for the old “I’m a fan” bollocks too. Which chairman was it that claimed to be our number one fan, and had been on the terraces for years again :thinking: :thinking:

To be honest they both seem to consider the actual footballing output of the club completely secondary.


Well we have both at the moment. Some sort of hybrid model, that may, or may not evolve into something more palatable.
I wonder how close Pomlett is to the limits of his financial capacity to invest more? We know that the pandemic has been put forward as a major source of our problems and we are also told that our position is strengthened as we haven’t borrowed money to survive, except possibly some from him.
If his circumstances were to change as such that he needed all of his money out quite quickly, I can envisage our knight in shining armour officially returning to “save” us to protect his rent as a short term measure until the SLO has saved up enough to buy him out.

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It has become a commercial activity whose sole purpose is to maintain the bosses rent demands. The irritation is that they have to allow for the planning of a football team playing on the grounds pitch every two weeks or so.
It is easy to understand why the ground is dilapidated and the squad is weak. They just don’t care a jot about the bl**dy football team that plays in the stadium.
At least the boss was a tad interested in the teams performances, it was clear that if proceedings were becoming untenable he would at least do something positive, he wasn’t afraid to crack the whip now and again. Pomlett is very Conservative…‘let sleeping dogs lie’ is his motto, that’s why nothing ever gets done.
He will not accept the slightest threat to the bosses rent payments by contemplating any indulgence in better players…why should he, we’ll finish mid table in the 4th Division…again, and the rent will get paid, end of.


Pomlett for the time being but we have got to start seeing some measured improvements in many aspects of the club, especially in its main reason for existence…been a football club.

The mess that Bonser has us entangled in is unforgivable. He shafted Walsall.


I’ve wondered that, the cost of the land will always keep going up due to commercial valuation increases, which leaves Walsall for ever chasing an unattainable figure, unless we got a massive player sale windfall.