Pomlett Out

Big promises, no delivery. Go now!


I would love to see the back of him, totally bored of this now. Who gives a shit about identity etc if someone wants to buy the club sell up now and bring In a new board !


He’s failed to deliver anything he’s promised apparently this is having a go! Is he for real move on Leigh your no good at being a chairman of a football club find some investors now and leave the club.


I wouldn’t say out…. yet.

But he needs to change the whole attitude of the club sharpish.


I would get rid of him on minute gate alone never mind the awful team performance and lack of financial backing


If we drop out of the league’s then the club is done…it won’t recover. Under this board we will limp towards non league and just drop out …

Sell up, don’t give a fook who too, at this point nobody…yes nobody could be a worse owner.


If only we could find someone, how joyous it would be to have this lot kicked into touch and a new board take over!

According to Pomlett theres a few out there who have shown interest :thinking:

Sell up and take your Matalan suit with you Pomser out.

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Has managed to turn the goodwill gained when he took over into venom and mistrust within a couple of years.

Either needs to put up, shut up or sell up.

Becoming a bit of a laughing stock.


They all need to sell up and go. They go or we go, simple as that at the end of the day.

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I would go as far as saying we are already done , I can’t see us getting out this league for a while yet , especially under this shambles of a board.the just exists and has done for a few years now.There’s not been and respect for the fans for quite a while.we are fed shite food and made to pay for it,fed shite football and made to pay for it.nothing changes


If The boss back in the Med hears of all this unrest he might, might, give in and divest himself of his club once and for all. We can only hope.

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If Pomlett is to stay and be anything resembling a success it’s going to take a massive change of approach.

Mole, Gamble, Whittaker, Gilman, Whalley and most of the others need to go, we need a brand new board effectively.

Fullarton needs to do something amazing in the next 8 or 9 days otherwise he can fock off too. Never mind waiting to see what he can do in 14 transfer windows’ time.

This club is rotten from top to bottom, and action needs to be taken now. It’s already too late, but now is better than later or more likely in our case, never.

Focking disgraceful. Taylor deserves better, I’d walk of I was him.
Say what you like about previous managers, love them or hate them, but the penny needs to drop with people, it’s not that the managers are all shite, it’s the people above them making it impossible.

Tuesday can fook off too, can’t wait to read about Cook scoring 5.

We are sleepwalking into being a basket case of a club, and those in charge do not give a lm ounce of shite.

Show your mates this Whittaker, and keep printing it and showing it them until they wake up. Yourself included


This is a disgrace. No excuses.


Made me laugh.

He doesn’t have the means to be a football club owner

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I have said all along it is not the managers that are a problem here.

Identity!!! :rofl::rofl::rofl:


Good to see the group dynamic in all its glory this afternoon