Pomlett podcast

From last month but some interesting stuff, e.g he could sell the club tommorow but he doesn’t want to

Fwd to 14.10


28 mins long and 27 mins of that must be the interviewer trying to spit his questions out! I gave up after 7 mins :joy::see_no_evil:


He has to be one of the worst I’ve ever heard, I’m sure he’s eating at one point :rofl:

Pomlett came across well to be fair (as he usually does ) . But the fact remains we find ourselves in 19th in the league and we was told we are going to have real go at it this season. January transfer window I feel will be huge in Pomletts reign having had a couple of years in charge. A few good additions are essential as we don’t want to be just known as a well run 4th division club . We all deserve more than that .

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