Pomlett’s Briefing

I expected this to be pre recorded and put on club social media 9am today, as it hasn’t appeared yet I’m hoping (wishful) he his trying to get us an experienced manager and waiting to tie it all up before an announcement is made.
I sincerely hope this is the case and not what many think and that he’s gonna tell everyone BD is still the right man for the job and we should back him blah blah blah.
I suppose the longer the delay the more hope we have that a new man is on his way in.

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I was also wondering when King Pom would be addressing his subjects


It’ll be a couple of hours yet. He’s just thrashing out a 3 year deal with Kenny Jackett, which will see us competing at the top end of League One.

…and then I woke up.


As you were.

Fuxk all to see here.

Mole and Gamble are great at their jobs, BD’s mock interview is still at the forefront of our thoughts going forward.

Give us more money for is to do ■■■■ all with it.

You’re the best.


Welease Bwian!


Duttonomus eunt domus


Why would anyone want jackett? He’s just flopped at Pompey who have good players and money so what use would he be with crap freebies?

Posted on another thread that we have more chance of seeing Kenny Mower’s jacket in the dug out and has more realistic chance

Ladbrookes are offering 16/1 on Kenny Mower and 50,000/1 on Kenny Jacket

Think I might put £ 200 on Jacket and can buy the freehold and go and live in luxury in Cyprus


Flopped being 8th, 5th and 4th place finished and spending a fair bit of time in the top 2 this season. I don’t doubt it was time for a change for them, but his record there and at other clubs is one of success.

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He’s just been fired for losing a cup final against a league2 side and winning 1 in their last 7 in the league. Every club he’s managed have given him money. He’d cost us a fortune and he wouldn’t deliver nothing.

Double negative.

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I’d be happy with that. :laughing:


Small problem we don’t have money or quality players :joy:

I think this thread sums up how many are getting carried away.

Ok. But nobody at the club said it would be 9am. You set an arbitrary deadline then are in a tizz, and trying to wind others up and starting threads when the club didnt meet this random deadline that you didnt communicate to them.

The club committed to Monday therefore it will be at some point today.


Pomlett. Take a look in the mirror. U will oversee the worst league finish in 50 years.

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Well said that man (or woman, we don’t judge)

I hate the wait!!! It’s the hope that’s kills ya

I’m not expecting much from Pomlett tonight other than the usual we are in a difficult period and would ask fans to be patient. Certainly won’t be announcing a new manager as surely that would be a full blown press conference announcement rather than one of his video nasties.

Best we can hope for is that they are looking to strengthen the coaching side. Think it will be a tortuous end to the season!!!

Anything but the removal of Dutton will be a joke of a decision

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Ok Leigh

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