Pomlett's pick

I fully expect LP to announce the severing of ties with Dutton when he speaks to us tomorrow and introduce us to his choice as the next manager.
It won’t be a big name, more likely someone we’ve never heard of.
Any thoughts of who you think will get the job?

I think he will be getting some help for Dutton.
But hope against hope Jackett would be a great appointment.

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Surely, there would have been a leak or rumour by now if dutton had been given his marching orders.


Will his pick bring the axe, or simply say no jackett required?

Dutton’s got 18 months left on his contract &, let’s not forget, he didn’t ask to be put in the managerial hot seat at this time.
I agree with Chunkster that BD will get an experienced bod in for support (hopefully someone who’ll tell him to keep things simple!)


Duttons been working with Clarke for too long. Hopefully if someone with experience is brought in alongside him to help then maybe it will be the learning curve he needs and enable him to see the benefits of keeping a settled team and formation.

It seems interesting that he didn’t just back Dutton with a statement yesterday…

I mean, I’m fully expecting a ‘get behind the lads’ message - but that slight delay is something to think about.


Yeah same, does make me think maybe there’s something quite big coming. Maybe even just a few truths that we need to hear. Or maybe he’s just answering the rest of the WPM questions :joy::joy:

He is going to bring in someone to help, after scouring WFC forums looking for something that will appease angry fans and only cost a few quid :smile:

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I’m just hoping it’s a substantial statement, and not the sort that is reserved for the 7.15pm time slot for grand unveilings.


I reckon they spent yesterday speaking to Dutton, deciding whether it was right for him continue or whether he needed some help. Based on how those conversations went, they could have spent today deciding on what the best course of action is, before updating us tomorrow.

Of course, that’s all guesswork and it’ll probably just be a ‘stick with us, we’ve not got any conferences on you know’ type of message.


I’m expecting Dutton to be moved back to assistant with a new man brought in to the end of the season with the brief to keep us up. I’m also expecting that the statement will indicate that this was done on Dutton’s request.
As to who?
It has to be someone with experience possibly at this end of the table. Someone with a reputation for being organised and getting results. Who are the league 2 equivalents of Big Sam and Tony Pullis?

Graheme Westley, John still.

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I’d take John still I honestly would. Certainly no mug and has achieved quite a lot in his career. Great shout

Yes I’d take John still

Really no idea what to expect from the statement tomorrow. The fact it’s been arranged for over 24 hours now suggests to me it’s not to announce a sacking.

Similarly, it was announced too early on Saturday for any drastic action to have been taken (like bringing someone completely new in.

So my money is on more of the same from Pomlett - either another monologue with furrowed brows, or perhaps a step to bring in some help, but it’ll be half arsed and cheap/free - like O’Connor coming back as coach for a few weeks.

What we need is a fresh start, the entire coaching set up needs ripping out and new attitudes, ideas and approaches brought in. That would cost a lot of money and I believe money is genuinely seriously tight at the moment, more so than we’re being told.


Then likewise he needs to be factually transparent about relevant finances. Rather ‘just nonsense’, couldn’t believe that. Then again, Walsall ay it.

If he utters the word nonsense again I fear many will walk.


Nothing will change he’s had a few more emails chucked at him from the fans so is going to do his customary video to say we are fine he thinks Brian’s doing a good job and we have no danger of him letting us go down.One thing he must not do is in any way shape or form slag the fans off for emailing or for raising the issues that people have raised.He knows this so will talk his way out of this current situation I guarantee you we will all be disappointed.


Yep, words need to be chosen carefully. Please just call the emails what they are, fans genuine concerns and worries, nothing else, no small little digs.