Pomletts promise

What do we think?
Will he keep it?
Will pomlett prove to be an honest man?

We can’t beat the the worst team going by the table, I mean by that at the bottom of the football league , We are probably the worst at the min.

A draw is not a good result

Pomlett will let this run I fear

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Absolutely not.

I believe Dutton needs to go and there is still a real risk we could go down

But I dont believe LP will pull the trigger.

But as much as appointing an experienced manager will cost money, playing the National League will costs us a lot more


I actually think some days he’s trying to take us down. POMLETT OUT

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I’ve emailed several people at the club this evening demanding answers. I think we need another email raid.

I’ll do another one

I’ll do one ,time to pump up the pressure but I think it’s all going to be too late and they not listening to us

I’m up for it.
This time though if pomlett doesnt sack Dutton and gives excuses we have to think of something stronger
I also don’t like having a chairman we couldn’t trust in charge


Hi everyone. This is a disgrace.

It’s better to do something rather than nothing. Let’s email the club again this evening - and let them know the anger and worry we have right now.

It did jolt the club into releasing a statement through LP last time, and they need a kick now.

Email the SLO at [email protected]

Or [email protected]

Remind Leigh he promised us in that statement that BD needed to win games. We have won 0 in the 4 games since. 0 wins out of 11, scoring 6 goals.

He’s gorra gew.

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If he doesn’t keep it then it’s proof that the YouTube videos are a PR exercise afterall.

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They always have been. Don’t trust a word he says. POMLETT OUT

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Email LP saying you wont renew your season ticket until a permanent manager is appointed, a DOF is in position and a five year plan set in place to stop the rot. Then perhaps there will be a worthy response.

Dutton is the tip of the iceberg.


All those things he has already said he will do. The new season doesn’t start until August.


Saying and doing are too different things, but I get what you’re saying Belph. My point is that lobbying for Dutton to be sacked, even if successful, would only be a minor action in the grand scheme of things wrong at the club.


I honestly don’t know how people think he’s got the money to do anything other than ride the season out and just hope we can avoid getting relegated. Not a very exciting scenario I know,but zero income and a lot of outgoings = unexciting, unexceptional, dismal times ahead…I don’t think a lot of people will take that in until someone (hopefully not us) goes out of business,and I don’t think that will become apparent until the close season.


Fine if he dosnt do it until August if you want to go for a literal interpretation of what he actually said. But with Dutton, no manager, no DOF and probably the scraps of a squad put together how many season tickets do you think will be sold between now and August!!!

So if we don`t have the money now…where will the money come from in the summer, when season ticket sales on the basis of this rubbish will drop like a stone. If you are right then relegation is inevitable in the very near future.
Support has to be earned.

If he decides that BD is the best option to get us over the line, then I would expect things to happen in late May/June. More people will be available to pick from for both the DofF and a new head coach (should he wish to change BD).
If things stay the same then some will vote with their feet, but LP knows that. As I keep saying, the bloke ay daft.


Just because LP bought the club out it doesn’t make him any more of a football club director, it just means he had the means to do it.
I think he is in over his head and it is beginning to show.