Pomletts promise

Stevenage were 7 points behind on the night of Walsall 1 mansfield 1. Now 10 points clear.

Can you please refrain from such posts, your taking the shine off our two 0-0 results over the Easter break :joy:


It was a fantastic performance!!! What you on about ?!

I did think it at the time that LP took a big punt on BD doing just enough to keep us in the division and by just drawing with Grimsby and Southend he made sure the gap was not compromised. The draws since then achieve the same thing as long as Grimsby and Southend dont win the gap stays the same

Hope fully a DoF will be be appointed fairly quickly with the number of applicants and then look for a new manager to start immediately after the last game of the season and Dutton moves back to coaching

We should then be in quite a strong position to sign players with the dosh from Adebayo, Clarke, Zak Jules and savings on Clarkes wages for 6 months.

Did we ever get an answer of the appearance money from Brentford for Rico ? I think this was asked at the last meeting but not holding my breath on it as its probably in the underground lair already

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Come on Daz, you’re misrepresenting what a lot of people are saying. It wasn’t the best performance in the world but it was fairly solid and an improvement.
Ok, it doesn’t have to be much better to improve considering how dross it was but an improvement none the less.

I’m starting to get a bit fed up with all this black or white nonsense being thrown around because people don’t agree. There are shades of grey.
It seems unless you jump on the Dutton out bandwagon you’re branded a club apologist/Pomletts mate/happy with how things are.

One thing I can say for certain is that every single fan (regardless of opinion on various things) is united in that we are not happy with the way this season has panned out.


Yeah fair enough - I’m just frustrated that we can’t get basic things right. I’m hoping for a new dawn with the DOF.

Let’s hope we hear something soon.

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There was some appearance payments triggered but they will not disclose figures.

Even if we don’t know something seems to have been added to the Adebayo, Clarke, Zak Jules and savings on Clarkes wages for 6 months

Hopefully we will be able too afford to go to Asda to buy players rather than Lidl yellow price rejects

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Interesting to see Luton have just been handed a transfer embargo !

That’s what happens when you sign a few players proven at this level not a cheap gamble from Oxford reserves.

Will we still be saying this in 3 or 4 months time? After all, this IS the Walsall board making/not making decisions…

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