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Right guys our new design poppy badge is now on sale via our on line shop

A wreath of poppies, with our iconic crest set in the centre. With the wording. Walsall till I die. No surrender wrapped around it
Whilst proudly sat on the. Lest we forget wording

These badges will fly out and we will only have a limited qty available Over a quarter of. Them where reserved after we released the image yesterday, so if you want yo secure yours head over. To our online shop to secure yours now. Before they sell out

Please be aware They are in production as we speak and take note of delivery times stated, We have released on a pre order basis. Purely due to demand.

Issa will of course be making a financial donation to the Royal British legion. From the sale of this particular badge


It’s a good idea but I don’t think it needs the ‘No surrender’ slogan personally.


That was my first reaction, hope it does well though.


The ‘no surrender’ bit belongs in the past, without any explanation as to why it is there now. Is there a good explanation for it being included now?


I agree it would be nice without the “No Surrender”


Yeah, I’d like to hear that. I think ISSA are doing a superb job and are basically the club’s trust in all but name.

However…I would seriously urge they remove such slogans from their merch as it puts off people. The club’s trust needs to represent ALL supporters, and not to put off people due to partisan beliefs that are hark back to an era when sectarian abuse was around.

I would buy one, but not with that on. Just my two penneth.


The wording is synomonous. With every English club , And is sung at every. Football stadium you visit,

Don’t think I’ve attended a Walsall game in the last twenty years where it has ant been sung , and you will never. Go to any game. Involving England without hearing it ring out. Throughout the game

And the way fans are purchasing the badge in large numbers. Proves we where right in. Having it produced , as said. If it raises cash for poppy appeal I see nothing wrong with it as that was the reason for producing it in first place. Raise cash for the British legion ,

The intention s behind the badge are honourable, as in trying to provide a popular item. Which this has certainly proved to be whilst. Raising funds. Via its sale

I’d like to see the age of the people have bought them… I would guess mainly over 40.

It doesn’t make it right. The Good Friday Agreement drew a line under all of this rubbish which has no place in football. 15 years ago. Just move on.

As I said, having this image will put people off joining ISSA and puts a shadow over the organisation. You need to be inclusive, family-oriented and representative of all the people of the area. Please reconsider and stay away from sectarian abuse. What’s next? Having '■■■■ off Refugees?" on a badge?

A football trust should not be political or partisan. Just concentrate on the football side is my view.


Respect your opinion Thanatos but as said badge been designed. And sold with honest intentions, If people choose to try and look for deeper. More sinister. Intentions behind it then so be it. That’s up to them,
But they won’t find any as there are none.

So what does ‘No surrender’ mean for the badge and for Walsall then? What was the intention on putting it in the design ?


You cant read " no Surrender " without thinking of the next line.


Not getting drawn into arguments

Badge has been made. To raise money for poppy appeal. And it’s is doing exactly just that,

So it’s only objective of raising cash for the British legion is being met. So job done in my eyes

The only time I’ve heard ‘no surrender’ sung at Walsall is followed by the words ‘to the IRA’. Is there any other context?

Bit of an ISSA fail, this one, but maybe there’s an audience that likes this. Probably the ones that also know all the words to the equally irrelevant and appalling ‘flute’ song.


People with buy them if they want them! If people are offended then don’t buy!! It’s about choice your intentions are as usual well meant, keep up the good work, and yes I will buy one or two.


Surprised that the club would want to associate with this.

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They won’t.

That’s what I am trying to warn ISSA about. All their good work will be in vain if they continue producing items like this - especially in the current zeitgeist.


The FA have asked for ALL fans to stop singing it, and it breaches article 67 of FIFA’s disciplinary code - they even gave us a formal warning after a (small) number of England fans sand it during the 2018 World Cup semi with Croatia.

So yes, I agree with you Belph - why would the club want to be associated with the use of the slogan in any way?


Club have had no input into this whatsoever ,
If club see a problem I’m sure they will ask me to pop up and discuss with them

But I state Walsall football club have had no input into this badge and will not profit from it.

Only organisation to profit from its sale. will be the royal British legion So please do not try to drag the club into the equation , as said if unhappy they will contact me direct. To which they will receive a full explanation. Behind the. Reasons for producing said badge

Funny thing is. It’s proving to be a very popular item and is fast approaching a sell out. ,

If anyone on here wants to donate. The same amount of cash. British legion will receive. From its sale. I’ll gladly. Pull it off our site, And reimburse those who have purchased already, But as said they must. Be prepared to match what they would have reviewed from us, If no offer forthcoming the badge will remain on sale and raise cash. As per its original intention

I think to offer that you have to say how much you expect the British Legion to receive. I had a similar reaction to the slogan as others to be honest. You know I support ISSA’s activities.


Do you think the club would want to be associated with this @Dhforever ? Genuine question.

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