Portsmouth (H) Tue 12th Mar, 7.45pm


Our general play was easily good enough to get a result but three pieces of absolute incompetence cost us the game.


I know where to come if ever I need an eye patch :joy:


Come on now.


Whenever WM are covering the game live on radio the club uses their commentary. When WM are not broadcasting our game the club provide their own.


Anyone ever looked at the players on the bench for the last few games?

1 GK
3 Defenders
1 CM
1 Winger
1 Striker

Surely we can sacrifice a Defender, more so a full back and put another attacking option on the bench. I’m fairly sure if Devlin gets injured then Edwards or Kinsella can slot in there. Wtf is that all about? Even if it’s a kid, someone like Candlin then it’s more of an option that Norman for example.


Perhaps Keates just wants to have more than one of his January signings in the squad first team. He signed 9 players in January (Mussa, Norman and Scarr were given contracts, Jarvis, Fitzwater, Taylor, Oteh, Johnson, Laird were brought in on loan), but only Scarr started our last two matches.

It is possible that some fans might find this a little disappointing, and all the more so if only a couple of the new signings were on the bench.


We could have saved a lot of money going by that Bernie…maybe Keates is just not that good at spotting suitable players.