Portsmouth tickets


Portsmouth Prices ;

Adult £25
Seniors £19
Young Persons (18-22) £15
Accompanied under 18’s £5
Unaccompanied under 18’s £10

If you buy in advance its £2 off. No mention of category A, B or C games or any jargon on their ticket page. Simple, straight forward and continuous.

A lesson on how to operate & cost match day tickets - no wonder they get so many fans.


Still too expensive if you ask me.


If they take the average monthly wage and cost of living, then consider the additional costs of attending a game before even buying a ticket, surely they realise how they could be pricing supporters out of the market.

Do they care though?


Not while those hardcore 4k (Sat) and 3.5k (Tues) turn up and Jeff can charge the club rent.

It really is that simple.


Wonder how low attendances/season ticket sales would have to drop before match day prices were reconsidered…


Last couple of times ST sales looked down have led to a change of manager, which must be cheaper.


You’re probably right - but it’s supply and demand unfortunately. The home allocation sells out frequently enough that the powers that be can claim that people are willing to pay that price.

The vast majority of our home support (c. 14,000) is made up of season ticket holders - and the per match rate is quite a bit cheaper that way (£16-£17).

If I were in charge of the football league then I’d impose a maximum ticket price of £20 for any away fans - given that they’ve usually travelled a long way and in many cases get the worst bit of the ground/facilities. If that was imposed everywhere then it wouldn’t matter if home fans were getting charged a bit more.

That said, if they put me in charge of the football league it would probably catch fire or something.


very decent pricing for under 18s what do we charge a pay on the day in that age group?


Our club charges more in all but one area and there is no ‘young adult’ section or an ‘unaccompanied youngster’ section i.e. the target market for most football clubs! It doesn’t end there - our club charges more for a young adult or unaccompanied youngster than Blues, WBA & Villa. ■■■■■■■ bananas…

And guess what, there is no supply and demand here! In fact they actively put off floating fans and ‘on the day’ customers with an array or rules, regulations and ridiculous stipulations.

The last thing our chairman wants is more fans - creates more problems for him. He just wants his regular profit and no headache.


The plan, revealed…


I’ve increasingly been wondering if there’s an element of active deterrence in all this. New people tend to rock the boat. New,especially young, people see things differently, and reject the,“because we’ve always done it this way” justification.


When can you start?


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