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Obviously the trainers pictured are my own but it got me thinking. When the bescot bar fundraiser comes to an end we would still very much like to help our beloved. Club financialy

So I was thinking what if Issa ran a monthly prize draw, £5 per ticket,

Winner of draw could identify a pair of adidas trainers up to a value of £75. In there chosen size and design

Said trainers would then be sent to Steve wfc Hammond. To have the winners chosen. Lettering added ( albeit. Steve would. Have to be in agreement to do it )

All cost,s over and above the purchase price of trainers. And steves cost of adding the winners design would be forwarded onto the club, This could be a cracking idea to generate. A regular income stream to club during this financially challenging time they are facing

Only an idea but what do you as fans think. Please leave your thoughts in the comments box as said £5 a month. With a cracking prize at the end off it for the winner, and a revenue stream for the club,

Sorry guys have put this in wrong section. Could someone put it in correct place please.

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Do they do a steel toe cap? :joy: :wink:


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Could be arranged. And in your case instead of a cleaner, renovater . Product. Maybe a blood stain remover can be added

How’s it going mate. How is retirement suiting you
Is the mrs finding you plenty to do to keep you out of mischief lol

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:laughing: :+1:
Ye it’s fine mate, just waiting for my pension to be transfered, they are fannying about because it’s a really good pension fund that i am transfering, and they are scared that i will have a case of taking them to court at a later date if it is seen that they haven’t advised me correctly :roll_eyes:
So i haven’t had any money since my last wage in december :frowning_face:, and san has been furloughed since march, so living off credit cards at the moment lol, but yes she had me decorating the living room yesterday, which we had done about 6 months ago :roll_eyes:, said she could see some patches lol.
And how are you doing pal?

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Sound mate , just-take everything-one day a time mate now. And just chill out every day

As for decorating tell me about it. Jane has every room in the house done once a year without fail , it’s like the forth bridge here ,

You still looking for a piece of land mate , what’s the plan. You building to live in or just for. Immediate,
resale. Be a nice little project to keep you busy mate and out of trouble,
been looking round for a nice plot in four oaks or little Aston for the daughter, but the price they are asking is ridiculous mate, I’ve told her she’d be better of buying an older one. Which needed lots of work, knock it down and re build. On the plot, , she already has a nice place in walmley but no room for what she wants to do. And little scope to extend further

Only problem being guess who she would want to do the work , to old for all that now mate

You going to johns next. Function mate I know it’s a long way off yet, but will get him to put us on same table mate if poss ,

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You should take em to court for ■■■■■■■ you about and missing the opportunity to lump on the equity markets in the past 2 months.


Those were my thoughts exactly - if the Chunkster doesn’t realise what a huge favour this fannying about may have done him, then I do worry.


The trouble is, it’s just sitting there, i know the markets are volatile at the moment, that is why my wife’s financial advisor changed her fund to cash only, because it lost about £10,000 over about 2 weeks, but it will make it back eventually, and my financial advisor will do his best to look after my fund, it’s in their best interests to make me money because they take a percentage, i just need my tax free lump sum to be able to get my business up and running.

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I missed out on a fantastic plot a couple of weeks ago in sutton not far from the park, it was a car park in between 2 houses overlooking open fields, but it didn’t have planning, so i contacted Birminham planning department, asking them for outline planning for a 4 bed detached house, but they didn’t get back to me in time and it went way past it’s estimate of £30’000 and sold for £65’000, then a few days later i got the email telling me that planning would be granted as long as the build was sympathetic to the other buildings in the row, i was gutted.
But yes i am looking to build for myself, you can get some nice pieces if you want to go further afield, like old barns in Abbots Bromley or Uttoxeter, but they want £150’000 just to start with, then another £100,000-£150,000 to build something nice.

Just looked @Timbuktu_Saddler, my wife’s advisor emailed her 2 weeks ago for her permission to start investing the fund again, and it has made back £3,500 in that time.

I moved a big lump of cash and sold government bonds In my portfolio to increase the balance of equity in March. Two of the investment trusts (Scottish Mortgage and Worldwide Health) are showing gains of 40 and 50% in 2 months.

Following the “disaster”, my portfolio is down just under 5% from it’s all time high in mid Jan with loads of upside still to come.

As Warren Buffet once said, when others are being greedy be fearful and when others are being fearful, be greedy.

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Just out of interest, how does that compare to just sitting and holding the fund over that time?

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Do you mean just sitting in a fund and not being invested in anything? it just sits there you can’t earn anything from it but you can’t lose either.
When my wife had all of her 5 pensions lumped into one fund, they asked her attitude to risk, and it came out as moderate, so that is how they proceed to invest it.
After 2 years it had made £20,000, so she took that out leaving in her original investment.
Because everything was crashing and the fund was losing money, they took it out of investment fund and just sort of froze it so that it couldn’t lose any more, but wouldn’t make anything either,but the markets went that low that some of them could only get better, look at oil, they were paying companies to take it away from them in America because they were still pumping it out, but couldn’t store it, because demand had dropped, now if i were a betting man, i would say that it will be a much needed commodity in the near future again when we get on an even keel, and people return to work, and the price can only go back up from the $27.67 a barrel that it is now.

I worked with a guy that didn’t have a pension, he only had a cash fund of around £200,000 which he had built up over a number of years by playing the markets, he told me that over one weekend a few years ago he made over £20,000, he went on a massive bender for 2 days and when he checked the fund on the monday morning it had lost £25,000 :joy:

No, instead of selling in March & then buying in May - just holding on to what you originally had in March.

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Oh right, she had £114,000 in march as it got to may it had dropped to £104,000 because it was still in an investment fund so they pulled the plug on it to stop it losing anymore. so if they had been quicker in taking it out in march she wouldn’t have lost the £10,000

Possible monthly trainer draw and equities thread… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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You are in the wrong place mate this is about retirement and pensions :grin: