Potential Blackpool takeover


Title says it all



I feel sure we would have the same amount of interest in our club " IF" it was really for sale , " ALL" for sale



“Expressions of interest”. If I claim that I’m interested here & now, you can make it 60.



Very much doubt they’ve counted people expressing interest on a fans forum towards that number



I’d have thought that you would be better focussing your efforts on getting those early birds sold, Stefan.



Such belligerence!

I’m simply reading what it says. It doesn’t even say they’re from 59 different parties. I might make a couple more to bring us up to 62. :grin:

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And yet there is apparently no interest in the “well-run club” that is Walsall FC. Even if there is, it will be dismissed as not having the club’s “best interests” at heart.

Bonser, and probably his family after him, will be millstones around this club’s neck for years to come.

There is a deep-seated narrative around the club that simply existing is some sort of achievement and its propagated by the local media and is accepted by much of the fan base.

Ok, we won’t got bust with him in charge, but how else is the continuation of Bonser’s reign in the best interests of the club? We are now unable to compete in the third tier, despite spending almost all of our existence there.

We have a crap stadium and an ageing, dwindling fan base. The swift on our badge really should start pointing downwards again as that’s the only direction this club is moving in.



Does no one agree with my comment that if the WHOLE club was up for sale there would be interest from potential buyers ?
After all the club , or should I say the Chairman openly admits he’s not actively looking to sell , and with the interested parties previously showing an interest were then told it was only the footballing side that was for sale , not any of the banqueting facilities or the market etc etc , and no doubt would be told they would then have to pay him rent for the privilege.
The WHOLE CLUB Mr Bonser , thats what will find you the buyer you keep pretending doesn’t exist, or are frightened to advertise as you’d lose your golden egg, that’s the real reason do we not agree ?



Treats us all with utter contempt, as if we are not fully grown adults and have no brains in our skulls. Whether they admit it or not, all of our fans know what’s happening deep down.

A businessman that will give bare faced lies to supporters faces about the Championship being our goal at the start of every season, will have zero problem also lying about potential buyers, transfer fees, playing budget…everything is based on utter bullshine. Now get your Early Bird while you still can…

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This is the point that makes his claims to be our ‘biggest fan’ nonsense.

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Bonser will never sell. End of debate.

His ludicrous spin that the club is for sale that has been trotted out for over a decade and sucked up by the media and some fans, just gets better every time you hear it.

The club is dying. End of debate.



Port Vale have also managed to find a buyer for the club and stadium. Just shows there are people out there, Gamble’s rubbish about Bonser being a ‘willing but not active seller’ is exactly that.



Yet more evidence of what we knew already

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Let’s get the protests in motion or what ever it takes to get rid of this business man , and let our club be sold to someone that’s interested in a successful football club , not a pension feeding machine

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A willing but not active seller applies to anything and everything that has a value - effectively if someone offers you what you know is way over what something is really worth, then you’d likely consider selling - if they don’t you won’t…

You might not be looking to sell (or even want to sell) but this tag of no credible offer being tabled is utter nonsense… No one will pay for the club because they see little or no value in it for the following reasons (IMO) and I appreciate this isn’t pleasant reading:

  1. We are not an attractive club (in respect of history or value to prospective purchasers that have no physical or emotional connection to us)

  2. We are not realistically challenging for anything better than we have (or have had) so are assumed to be lacking in ‘potential’…

  3. We are surrounded by bigger, more appealing clubs so to a prospective purchaser, the potential for growth and development (based on an investment return) are possibly considered ‘limited’

  4. Historic fan base numbers exacerbate the point above regarding investment potential…

  5. What JB sees as being a valuation of the club (either in part or as a wider entity) will be so over the top that anyone with a financial brain will be put off by the cost of an acquisition

Would he ever consider selling - well of course he would. Is he seriously interested in the long term future of WFC as a footballing entity - absolutely not. Is he committed to WFC in it’s current situation - of course he is as it helps support the platform approach to his financial arrangements

Just my opinion…



Oh I agree, Bonser has this tied up so well that we probably are an unattractive proposition to investors. However, I refuse to believe that there aren’t people out there with the funds, acumen and will to take the club and stadium on for a ‘fair’ price. I just don’t believe that JB has any ambition what so ever of even entertaining the idea of selling the whole lot, given the return he’s getting for such little outlay.

What angers me is we’ve got a Chief Executive who should recognise that we will never realistically be able to achieve his own aim of Championship football whilst the current owner is in place. IMO he should be the one forming a strategy to make WFC attractive to investors and find somebody who actually wants to take this club forward.

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All that is true for Port Vale too, except number 5 which is the crux of the matter.



idk why things haven’t got going yet in terms of protests, I know they can’t be rushed to sustain this over a period of time but something subtle while we wait such as banner with Bonser out being present at all games just so the hierarchy are aware at all times is better than wasting time doing nothing



Take your points @Coop63 but the reason we have remained a small club is because we have always operated that way , and continue to do so , we did and do sell any players that have shown any potential , anyone that has had the opportunity to move to other clubs have because we have only ever been used as a stepping stones by players that realised the club has never had any ambition and the only way for their careers to progress was to leave at the first opportunity, we have never ever pushed the boat out to succeed .
Maybe the team Colin Lee put together in the old 1st division had a few decent players , Merson , Samways , to name a couple , but other than that , not much !
We haven’t really pushed the boat out to invest quality , it’s always been more luck than judgment when we’ve unearthed a gem .
I don’t think Port vale are much different to ourselves , size wise or historically but obviously there is interest , so why not in us ?..



He would be out of the door quicker than a shake of a rattlers tale if he even uttered such blasphemy against the one and only Uncle Jeff, our saviour, our benefactor, our No1 fan.

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