Pre match music

Does anyone else think the pre match music is woeful before games, I mean the song choices are so poor, and half the time you can’t even hear anything.

And our run out music is awful, I mean other clubs must laugh at use when it comes on

Come on now.
The club had a poll and fans chose it!! :crazy_face:

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Ah yes the 4 choices we got :joy::joy:

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Just in case it wasn’t obvious…. I was being sarcastic. :rofl::crazy_face:

:joy::joy: I knew

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Dont dislike coming out to One Step Beyond , love Starship when we’ve won.
No problem with sound in the main stand.


The sound is dreadful in the family stand. You cannot understand anything being said.

Couldn’t in the upper tier today either.

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Needs sorting.

Yep, sounded muffled for some reason today.

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Don’t worry Dan Mole is on it

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Holy Moley… we have no hope then.

If Mole is involved we’ll be coming out to the Liquidator.

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Need to turn the volume up,

Turn the volume up in the ground, and for those who gew in the Bonser Suite turn the microphone down and whilst were at it, sack the chap doing the interviews :person_facepalming:

The Tannoy has been a problem at many of the games this season. I struggle to hear the substitutions, the half time interviews, the half time scores, the attendance announcement…there were a few games a while ago when it was OK, but yesterday it was poor again.
I expect there are parts of the ground where it is acceptable, and fans there might wonder what the problem is, but behind the goal it was poor, although as I mentioned, they did seem to have sorted it until yesterday.

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Tannoys useless in upper floors asnd the interview guys annoying,has no idea about our club

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“Pump Up The Volume”?

I don’t dislike the music but do think we need something a bit more relevant to our younger supporters. Becky Hill is one of us, doesn’t she have a track we could use?

Take your pick Paul - Becky Hill discography.

There are plenty whose titles suggest they are just made for the club, players, and ex-managers, but I’ll just content myself with Losing for MT?

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