Pre match shooting in

As we never bother to shoot in home games why do we bother with this charade?

Yeah, because the way to start scoring goals is just to stop trying or practicing at all. Good one.


It was concerning how much difficulty the players had actually hitting the target in the warm up. Would say we converted less that one in three and thats with a perfect set up and no defender pressure.


Leroy Williams (was that his name, the guy who scored on his debut against Vale in 2004?) hit me twice with wayward shots before a match at Oldham (the 5-3 one). He apologised for the first one, but the second time he just shrugged, perhaps he was thinking it was my own fault, so I moved further back to get out of his way.

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Found it interesting in the Alan Shearer interview with Gary Neville recently that he never shot in the warm up. His thinking being “if I spank one in to the top corner from 20 yards, what are the chances of recreating that again a few minutes later?” as even the best strikers only have a few of those in their locker.

We’re not as bad as Newport County at it though, who hit me in the warm up this season and broke my finger :man_shrugging: I wouldn’t mind but I was a good ten yards to the right of the goal and above the cross bar.


Serves you right for sticking it up at James Clarke pre match.


I did go full Harry Redknapp to be fair:

“No wonder you’re playing for f***ing Newport County!”

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