Pre Season Friendlies 2024

Fair play can always rely on mr Walsall aka @Fellows1926


Might be mistaken, but I think Kevin Ratcliffe got sent off. Not much of a “friendly”

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Do any posters know if we will use our first team squad, plus trialists, at Alvechurch?

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i would image it would be 2 teams, 1 each half as they usually do


I think this is classed as a first team fixture.

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Yes we’re sending our first team there. Expect Sadler will want a other positive pre-season after last summer’s unbeaten campaign.


I spoke with Alvin Alvechurch only yesterday, and he said he is quite excited about his team coming up against our first team …


Quick heads up for any saddlers still thinking about going to Drogheda.
The return flight from east Midlands on the Monday morning is only £57 .


Just checked the online sales for a few Villa supporting ex-colleagues and was somewhat dumbfounded at the slow ticket sales in the home end, huge amount of tickets still available in all areas of the Poundland Stand. This is usually a magnificently well attended game and this year we are welcoming Champions League opposition to boot.

It’s usually well attended by villa fans . Walsall fans don’t really care


I am happy for the Villa fans to hand over their cash.

I don’t agree with the pricing for the home friendly games. People can think what they like, I’m not paying it.


£17 for a friendly is rediculous

The Villa sold out many weeks ago according to colleagues.

Usually loads in our ends too.

Maybe its the £17 fee thats putting people off
Family of 4 is £44… thats alot of money for a friendly

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We don’t keep all of the ticket money though do we??

I know the pre-season under Stevie G when they came they let us keep all of the money and Pomlett and the club made a big song and dance of thanking the Villa for their generosity but not since?

That’s football unfortunately, was a tenner to watch on Saturday at Alvechurch in basically a field.

Works out to £15 if you buy the Blues ticket aswell, which ain’t that bad really.

Not as far as I know, I would assume the gate money is split or we pay a fee for Villa playing us and we keep all the other matchday income.

Kind of irrelevant though, £17 is still a rip off for a friendly. Would be £27 for me to take the kids. I guess they aren’t bothered cos Villa fans will gladly pay it, but I’m not. It’s the only voice you have as a fan.

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Bad price point and not giving the big stand to Villa fans means we are leaving around £30k on the table for this one. I really don’t get what the club don’t get about this fixture and it’s purpose. Especially during times when Villa are fashionable again and could sell our whole place out at twenty quid a pop.

Only six tickets left in the main stand, so anyone buying now has to buy for the big stand.

Should still be a gate of 7000+

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