Pre-Season Games

Will the delay to Step 4 of the Covid restiction easing affect fans being able go to any of our already arranged friendlies due to take place before 19th July? And in particular, our development squad games against “non elite” teams?

Also, are we expecting a home fixture to be added so ST holders who left their money in get their delayed free game at last?

On the basis that non-league teams are allowed people in their ground, like we will be, I’d say no.

Answer - a big fat yes!!! :grinning:

Have we chosen Crystal Palace in order to run the rule over Scott Dann with a view to re-signing him?

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I never normally go to pre-season games but I must admit I’m looking forward to Palace game and my son has just bought us tickets for the Kiddy game, can’t wait.


11 days to go before that first pre-season game at Leamington and they’re still waiting for confirmation on whether they can let both sets of fans in (or indeed any) before publishing the tickets arrangements, but Kiddy have been selling tickets to anyone who wants one since our game at their place was announced.

Are the Brakes being over cautious or the Harriers too gung ho? :thinking:

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Walsall’s first pre-season friendly is at Rushall Olympic on Saturday July 10th (yes, just a week away!), k.o. 3.00 p.m.


Is it turn up and pay on the day do you know? Presumably cash on the turnstile?

Please ignore the above. Managed to track down the following: v Walsall XI (PSF) | Pre Season | Rushall Olympic FC Web

True but Rushall, Worksop and Chase Town are all Walsall XI games rather than first team.

Just seen that Leamigton published details on ticketing yesterday -

@greg - on Rushall’s site it gives that link for advance sales but doesn’t say that it is ticket only and implies you can pay on the day too, whereas for Leamington you can’t.

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Thanks Andy!

Just ordered ticket for Rushall online and received immediately via email. Simply entered details to open account and bingo!

Andy - you can pay on the day at Rushall. It just speeds matters up at the turnstile (i.e. more drinking time! :grinning:) if you pay online in advance.

Apart from the games v. Palace, the Vile and the Baggies, it will always be a Walsall XI (that includes Leamington). What sort of line-up WFC field against Rushall remains to be seen. I’m guessing that it will be a young squad with a few senior representatives.

Yes, would guess we’ll be making use of the full squad in most if not all games, but expecting it to be mainly first team, wider professional squad and a few trialists for the home games, Leamington, Kiddy & Cheltenham, and just the academy lads (with the odd slightly more familiar face) where we’ve said it will be an XI.

Anybody tried to get their free tickets for the Crystal Palace match yet?

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Yes, got mine. Logged in, ticket there and waiting (it’s for my COVID-safe seat, not my season ticket seat). Quick check out, and confirmation email. A second email arrived immediately from Ticketmaster with links to add the barcode to my Apple wallet, Google Pay app, or to print a paper copy. Very quick, very easy.

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Got mine but have no idea what an apple pay or a G wallet is.

Does this mean I’ll have to print every single game of my season ticket off myself?

I’d expect that the season ticket will be one barcode for the whole season, so you should only have to print it once.


The palace ticket was really easy to get. Can also confirm I’m in my COVID seat rather than my ST seat.

Spoke to the ticket office and everyone will have their socially distanced seat as the game is 2 days before the lifting of restrictions .

Ps emailed my ticket to me and have the QR code on my phone all ready for scanning on the turnstile.

I’m guessing the club will do this, but…

If you have an iPhone:
The Wallet app comes pre-installed. Click the link in the email ‘Add To Apple Wallet’. It will open the Wallet app with your ticket showing. Tap Add in the top right corner. When you want to use the ticket, open the Wallet app and you should see your ticket.

If you have an Android Smartphone:
Some phones pre-install the Google Pay app. If it is not already installed go to the Google Play store and search for Google Pay there. Once installed, go to the email and click the ‘GPay’ link. It should open the app and ask you to add your ticket. Once you’ve done that, you can find your ticket in the future by opening the Google Pay app.

If you don’t have a smartphone:
The email has a pdf ticket file attachment. Open the pdf on a computer and print it from there.